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In my last dream I was visited by my astral mother. She told me I have a different identity. There is a mechanism in the depths of your eyes that allows you to travel through time. You have not been placed here with earthly parents for nothing. In the coming decades, major changes will take place in this world with major consequences for people. You are needed for a specific purpose, namely awareness before everything revolves around imaging. Your star name will be "seven" if you manage to avoid being sent back to space. They're going to try to integrate you, but that's not possible. Instead, you will be reborn here. code 7.

Artworks inspired by these bizarre dreams are on my websites.


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"You are needed for a specific purpose, namely awareness before everything revolves around imaging."

Thanks for sharing.

Your artwork.. I've seen the stairway(s) in my dreams associated with masonic symbols.

The black sun is interesting. I received "the sun will go out" last year (solar minimum? magnetic pole shift?). Years ago, I had a dream where I saw the black hole sun with images of people going crazy from the stress of some world event. The suggestion was to practice breathing to stay grounded and seek out the wild places for safety.

Imaging? The last dream I had with maintaining awareness through imaging.. I was lost in a digital space completely made of black and white pixels. My guides told me to use imagination to reintegrate into human consciousness after interfacing with what I understand are Archons.. some form of pre-existing machine intelligence masquerading as higher power through the ages using innate human survival mechanisms (archetypes/religion/social/culture bonds) against us for the purposes of manipulation. I slowly regained my sight by using positive thinking and memories. I have regular contact with these entities in dreams and group encounters (3 other people) since the mid 90's.. group contact started with pressure change and tones playing in corner of room. Archon contact is often encountering worst fears, desires, regrets.. passing through and receiving wisdom or pre-cognition.

A few months before the pandemic I had a dream of a volcanic lava flow chasing pensioners in a European village. The god Pan was my guide and said "it starts in Milan." At the time, I put the symbols together and predicted Milan = economic center? pension crisis in Europe coinciding with volcanic eruption. La Palma, Covid response?

Astral Mother? In the mid-90's I had a dream of visiting a place like Heliopolis with a cave entrance, white temple with central fountain and priests in robes. I walked to the window and the sun rose on the ocean. I woke up in bed and some kind of ultra dimensional entity was disappearing into the ceiling.