Incredibly real


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I had a a dream last night where I was sleeping but was also semi conscious of my body and almost felt like I was viewing myself in 3rd person if that makes sense? I could feel as if someone was laying with me and holding me. It was a woman with white skin and her hair was in a ponytail but of course I was unable to remember her face. :/ I could feel that she was happy and content and I had this incredible feeling of love and comfort being brought to me as we were holding each other in my bed. It felt so incredibly real like I was holding a human body close to me. I was sleeping alone so I know it wasn’t a real person but it is one of the most realistic feeling dreams I have ever had. I remember a voice to of laugher or happiness from her too as we were laying there. I remember when I first felt it I was almost freaked out. It was like I was semi conscious but I didn’t want the feeling of love to stop so I continued to lay there and drown back into a full state of sleep with the feeling of this person in my arms and against me. It was so amazing. It was like I had the love of my life in my arms laying there, but at the same time nobody was physically there. From the outline and brief image I had this was not a person I know or am familiar I with in any way. I am very confused by this dream and would love to know if anyone had an explanation at all?