Intensely vivid dream - can anyone help to interpret its meaning please? 🙏


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I’ve just woken up from the most vivid dream. I’m not experienced with dream interpretation so am wondering if any of the objects/actions noted are symbolic of certain things?

What I can remember:

I’m in a huge palatial hotel villa on my own. Ochre yellow walls, turquoise pool, it’s beautiful and ornate, decorated with gilded furniture. I’m probably there on a work trip. I’m aware I haven’t spent much time there, haven’t invited anyone over to share it with

im planning to film an insta reel of myself before I leave, saying things like “I’m adhd, of course I’ve booked this palatial hotel for 1000 a night staying here on my own and barely spending any time here” in waking life I’m 36, female, I’ve recently been diagnosed with adhd

I’m wearing a white hotel bathrobe with my hair long and my natural brunette colour

I’m preparing to leave the villa and head to the airport, but need to pack and film my video first, I’m mapping it out in my mind, how I’ll do these tasks in time, but I’m just walking around ruminating, not staring anything

I’m running late for my 4pm flight, I had it in my head I could leave by 2 but then I remember it’s not enough time for an international flight home to Melbourne. I’m aware I’m in Dubai and the airport is a 30 minute drive. In waking life I often travel through the Middle East on work trips, on my own

I’ve been messing about procrastinating and have run out of time to pack or film my video so I can show off on insta. I think about my friends from back home seeing it and finding it a funny video but also being impressed by my lavish life

In one part of the video I want to wear my new led Omnilux mask that I’ve just bought in waking life and film myself in the mirror

Getting ready to film I need to tidy the place up a bit. I always leave things in such a mess. I’m stashing away trays of tropical fruit and large yellow petals, piling chunks of green melon that I’ve left laying around so it looks more aesthetic

My mum has asked me to pack up all of these relics from our past. She’s not there but I’m aware this is another thing I need to do before I can leave

Im assessing which things to take based on sentimental importance. Some things are easily identifiable as a no brainer, childhood stuffed toys, sheepskin blankets, a cradle, I can’t leave without them. Other objects I know do belong to us but I can’t recognise them, but I take time assess each one and admire them, dolls and animal statues, functionless, childlike, calming

One object in particular catches my attention, it’s a small sculpture, it’s soft, it’s like a reclining day bed, ornate, and it’s made of books, like a drawing, I think about how other people would perceive me as interesting if they saw this on display back at my house

There is a large cabinet filled with neatly stacked plastic boxes filled with our old sneakers and other stuff. My dad must have packed and organised it all. I cast my eye over it, I recognise one pair of sneakers, and old pair from my waking life when I was in my twenties. There is too much here and it’s just old stuff, I can’t take it with me right blw

I wonder how I can ask the hotel if I can arrange to retrieve it another time because I don’t have space in my luggage or time to sort this out right now, and how to explain to them why my families stuff is in the villa

I’m running out of time to get to the airport. I wonder if I can call on the hotel staff to help me pack. Call the airline back to push the flight back. I’m aware that I’m doing that thing again, not being organised, relying on the assured knowledge that people will help me, I’ll be creating stress for them just because I wasn’t organised

I drop my vape into water, it’s the same one I’ve just bought in waking life. The water is crystal clear and I watch as the slips away from sight amongst large clear brown crab like creatures and light brown seaweed. I think it’s for the best, I already quit vaping, why have I bought another one just for the sake of it, it does nothing for me I’m not even addicted at the moment but I will be soon if I hang onto it

I dive under the water to retrieve it, the water is quite deep. I can’t find it. I want to find it now. Even if it’s likely damaged from the water. I can try and get it working

I can’t find it and I will run out of breath soon. I swim back up to the surface and burst into the air, airborne, aware im in a grotto like cave. I can see more crabs on the sandy edge silently watching me. I’m worried I’m going to hit the top of the cave so I cover the top of my head with my hands to protect it from weird cave creatures and muck, I hit the roof and it propels me back into the water, making a huge cannonball

I wake up
Hey Kmmxx, thanks for the dream! There are important messsages in this dream... I'll explain some of the symbols here, but will PM you as well... Gotta run at the moment - back soon!
So colours are really useful when it comes to dream interpretation because they keep the same meaning for everyone (they are based on the colours of the chakras).

Right at the start of your dream, we see ochre yellow and turquoise.

So the ochre yellow indicates that you tend to be quite rational and think a lot about things, but perhaps more in a worrying kind of way (indicated by the darker shade).

The turquoise (blue and green) is asking you to include how you feel (green) into your philosophy of life (blue), i.e. to come 'out of your head' as it were and express your feelings more. This is the main theme of the dream.

We also see a reference to walls (yellow ochre) which indicates that you keep your true feelings to yourself (i.e. a wall around your heart), and this supports the turquoise symbol. We also see you wearing a mask, so you tend to present an outwards appearance of what you think others want to see, rather than being your true self.

You're wearing a white bathrobe, would it be fair to say that you can be somewhat critical of yourself? (White is a good colour to see when it is mixed with others, but here it's just white on its own, symbolising perfection).

The hotel is all about your reception at birth (pun on the word reception), and is a very common symbol for many people. The dream is indicating that you became very rational and closed off your feelings from a very early age, due to adverse experiences then. These will be linked to your mum (feminine energy - all about feelings and the heart).

The airport is a positive symbol, encouraging you to get a new phase of your life 'off the ground', by starting the process of connecting with your feelings and showing more of your authentic self to the world. This will most likely require some kind of healing therapy to help you do this.

There's more to your dream (the ending sequence), which basically says that you should quit vaping... but I'll PM you about that.

Does this resonate in any way? I hope it might be of some help.




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I used to have lots of dreams about fears of being late for flights when I was preparing to retire and for a short time after retiring, but I do not get them now almost two years after retiring.