Interesting Transition that stood out


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(Some small maybe useless context, I am a soon to be 26 year old female and Katara is my present day cat)

I was child me running around an abandoned neighbourhood overgrown with trees and weeds it was autumn, the bleach to white pavement was cracked and speckled red, orange, yellow, and brown leaves. A red fox came up to me with a ferret or weasel in its mouth it wagged its tail shyly. I cautiously let it approach me and it dropped the dead thing in my lap. Seemed it wanted to play fetch so I picked up the dead thing and felt it’s broken bones in its body and I threw it. The thing made a sickening thud and a red fox went eagerly for it. After playing fetch, the fox came for some petting and I carefully did so aware nervous about it pushing it’s head near my face as I kept thinking the fox could suddenly rid my face off.
Some soldiers dressed in black came up to me and I seem to know them they could’ve been resistance fighters or something, the leader told me I should probably get back home now and to take my cat with me. The red fox slinked off into the forrest and I picked up my cat Katara from the soldier and trekked back to the chain-link double border fence topped with barbed wire.
When I got closer to defence Katara (my cat) fought out of my hands and took off into the forrest. I shouted after her unwisely as this alerted the residents on the other side of the fence. The adults inside start calling in distress and fury about me being outside. I had to hurry and get under the fence to escape before getting in trouble for being outside so I struggled under the first fence which yanked my pants off in my rush. I ran in between the two fences resulting in my shirt get caught in barbed wire several times andI had to fight to get free. This was tiring me out a lot physically but also mentally as running in dreams seem to require intense focus my legs also felt weighted. It was imperative I did not get caught or linger too long to let the adults see my face properly. I struggled through the second fence and running became so hard so quickly. Strangely I knelt down on the ground and child me continued to run ahead and left me behind, she really needed to escape. I stood up now in the form of adult female commander Shepard version of me. I watched child me run away and disappear in between the dilapidated buildings of this fenced in society. I could feel that she would be safe now. I was momentarily worried the adults would notice me but I was not that child and they greeted me in passing as they ran by. When I stood up I walked off towards a sci-fi white metal sport stadium shaped building…
(continues but this was the more interesting part) (basically I walk though the structure feeling tired from running, get lost in the maze like commerce halls and have to fight off some gang members in an adult entertainment section, I was not happy about seeing them however Garrus comes to the rescue)