Just woke up crying


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I just have to share this one. A little background on my dreams first.
My dreams are usually very boring. Most of my dreams are spent viewing through someone elses eyes. I spend time with them in their daily lives. Many of these do not take place in our world. Those otherworld dreams are at least interesting. I have experienced death more times than I can remember while riding along with people.

The dream I just woke up from was not violent or dangerous. I was viewing through the eyes of a 9 year old girl. We were hugging an old electric guitar while walking around a refugee camp. We made our way back to the canopy where a large group of people were eating at 4 large tables. We found her mother and brother.
I don't know what language they were speaking but I could understand it because she could understand it.
Her brother gently pried the guitar away which made the girl start crying. Silent tears, not because he took the guitar, but because the guitar was her fathers and he would play it and sing for them all the time. We hugged her mother who held us gently and rocked back and forth while kissing our head.
A big man at the same table asked why we were crying. Her mother explained that a short while before the war, her husband and other daughter, the twin of this little girl, died in a plane crash. She told him that they had seen many dead people as they were fleeing, and that her daughter would cry each time they saw dead people because she knew there would be people feeling the anguish and heartbreak that she felt when losing her daddy and sister.
Just then the young man finished setting up a small amp and strummed the guitar. The little girl's world changed. Everything was brighter and better. We let go of her mother and sat at her brother's feet. As we stared up at him he was saying he only knew a few simple songs. He played and sang and the comfort this little girl felt was staggering.
From inside I felt the weight just lift off her while she lost herself in the song. It hurt to realise how much pain and suffering she lived with. The last thing I remember of the dream was her grinning up at her brother as he finished the song.


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Putting yourself in other people's shoes in dreams, must relate to a similar mental control you abide in real life. This makes me believe you're naturally an Empath. In such, you know how someone feels both physically and mentally as if it was your own feelings. This makes you a very relatable person to talk to in real life, with a talent for matching moods, you can literally speak to anyone without issue. Experiencing this in dreams must be surreal, as you say it is average, I promise it isn't. Quite a gift