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Anybody remember songs in dreams - such as songs played on the radio?

Personally, I feel it's an interesting experience to record songs dreamed. I've remembered dreams of songs over the past few years - dozens in the past year alone.

I find it especially interesting when I dream of songs experienced a second time in a later dream. One specific song was dreamed three times! See LIST of ten songs.

The process of noting dreams containing specific songs might just have boosted the frequency of.................dreams containing songs.

Included is a LIST of songs dreamed more than once:

* Goodnight Tonight. (Paul McCartney - 1979)
* The Winner Takes it All. (ABBA - 1980)
* If I Ever Lose My Faith in You. (STING- 1993)
* She's So High. (Tal Bachman - 1999)
* I'll Never Find Another You. (The Seekers - 1964)
* Joy (Apollo- 1972).
* Reach-Out - I'll Be There. (The Four Tops - 1967)
* Something About You (Level 42 - 1985) (A first in songs dreamt twice: This song was dreamt twice......two nights apart.)
** Can You Feel the Love Tonight? was dreamed three times. (Elton John - 1994)
* 'I'll Play for You.' (Seal & Crofts' - 1975)

Elton John's song, 'Can You Feel the Love Tonight?' was the one song I dreamed three times. I've dreamt of Elton John's 'The Circle of Life,' from the 'The Lion King' Soundtrack - hence four times I've dreamt of the 'Lion King' Soundtrack by 'Elton John.'

I've never seen 'The Lion King' - yet I've seen notable clips, and heard excellent reviews for the movie.

* The interpretation for these dreams? The yearning to enjoy music whose styles, qualities etc. don't even begin to compare to much of today's popular music- music that is too often sheer junk!

Any thoughts?

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