Keeping journals of dreams.

Anybody remember songs in dreams - such as songs played on the radio?

Personally, I feel it's an interesting experience to record songs dreamed. I've remembered dreams of songs over the past few years - dozens in the past year alone.

It's especially interesting to note songs experienced a second time in later dreams. One specific song was dreamed three times! See LIST of ten songs.

Included is a LIST of songs dreamed more than once:

* Goodnight Tonight. (Paul McCartney - 1979)
* The Winner Takes it All. (ABBA - 1980)
* If I Ever Lose My Faith in You. (STING- 1993)
* She's So High. (Tal Bachman - 1999)
* I'll Never Find Another You. (The Seekers - 1964)
* Joy (Apollo- 1972).
* Reach-Out - I'll Be There. (The Four Tops - 1967)
* Something About You (Level 42 - 1985) (A first in songs dreamt twice: This song was dreamt twice......two nights apart.)
** Can You Feel the Love Tonight? was dreamed three times. (Elton John - 1994)
* 'I'll Play for You.' (Seal & Crofts' - 1975)
* I'm Losing You (The Four Tops - 1967)
* Space Oddity (David Bowie - 1970)

Elton John's song, 'Can You Feel the Love Tonight?' was the one song I dreamed three times. I've dreamt of Elton John's 'The Circle of Life,' from the 'The Lion King' Soundtrack - hence four times I've dreamt of the 'Lion King' Soundtrack by 'Elton John.'

I've never seen 'The Lion King' - yet I've seen notable clips, and heard excellent reviews for the movie.

The process of noting dreams containing specific songs might just have boosted the frequency of.................dreams containing songs.

* The interpretation for these dreams? The yearning to enjoy music whose styles, qualities etc. don't even begin to compare to much of today's popular music- music that is too often sheer junk!

Any similar experiences?

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