Killed a man plus so many other bits


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So I just had a dream. The first part is patchy and all I remember is trying to get my key door key from a 6ft weird alien think that was my girlfriend she was going down a water slide then I was in a massive crowd of people on the beach, few people from school and people were getting rugby tackled. I looked up and there was a clearing in this crowd and I saw myself wondering into the clearing. I ran towards myself to push myself out of the way but this part of the dream I am really interested in is I dreamt there was some guy who jumped on my back and covered my eyes and was saying something my ear that I can't remember. I flipped him over my shoulder and stamped on his face, he looked dead so I tried to call an ambulance but my phone was going through adverts instead, as I wondered trying to get my phone to work I heard someone say "It's ok he is alive, oh no wait that's his dad" I turned to see some bloke in a car, I quickly found a concrete pillar, a 6ft one and stood behind it so that he couldn't ram me with his car. I have no idea what this dream could fortell other than to be careful of my anger.