Knowing this dream is recurring and the gerbil

There were two dreams, first one forgotten except a few details. Second dream was recurring and while in the dream I instinctively knew that I'd been there before and that I needed to immediately leave although I wasnt specifically aware that I was dreaming. It was like I almost knew that it was a dream but not quite but I knew something was up and somehow that remembering this dream was advantage. This was an urban house with a small yard near a city center with busy traffic. The time before that I was here I made my escape from certain demise and now I knew these people were a replay of sorts and they werent aware like I was.

There was this wooden box thing sort of in a shape of a stairstep but not quite, couldn't be used as one but almost looked like one. There was waxy brown paper glued to the bottom of the wooden thing but one side had become detached. I felt responsible to reattach it but couldnt find how to get some adhesives so I tried to hide it away. But the old old ancient woman knew and she had these coins flowing out of the sides of her head that were in the shape of the wax paper flaps on the wooden thing, so, I couldnt truly hide it. I still remembered that something was wrong though and this was a replay so I felt okay that I wouldnt be worried about the wooden box and wax paper thing. So I placed it under something to hide it anyways.

I was about to leave before danger started, knowing the scenario, but a bunch of people arrived suddenly before I could, blocking all exits. They were mildly evil I could tell but somehow manageable that they werent savage and wild like an animal with rabies. But you could tell and they thought I would never have a clue that they were evil. So I let them believe I was the easy suckerchump and worked on a plan to escape. Some of them had to leave but would be back soon, they left in the car on the driveway. That left the old old woman and the girl who seemed like my sister but was an imposter trying to imitate family. I tricked her into leaving the room for a second and then made my run out the door, relieved that I was out of there.

But I quickly entered the previous dream that is now mostly forgotten instead of leaving the house and then was back in the urban house once again but in a bedroom area with a gerbil in my hand. This gerbil was fluffy and loveable and I was almost distracted before remembering that it was a dire need to leave this house before those evil people returned. So I regrettfully let the gerbil drop away from me into a pile of clothing or blankets or something similar and then walked away. But then the gerbil started squeaking like it was seriously injured so I returned and picked it up. The gerbil was kicking its leg and gagging like it was dying or having a seizure. I actually had to check twice because I didnt see it on my first look but half its nose/upper teeth was broken off like porcelein and blood gushed out of the wound down the gerbils throat. I shook in horror at what I'd done to this cute innocent animal and then set it down to let it die on its own.

I turned to walk away and a very bold voice that came from the gerbil but over the dream like a loud narrator or announcer reminiscent of 1950s movies, bold and formal and manly. The gerbil continued to squeak as it died although that voice talked like it was the gerbil but obviously wasnt the gerbil saying it physically. The gerbil blamed me for killing it. I pleaded that it was truly an accident that I didnt mean to harm it. I was trying to escape evil. The gerbil said that it condemned me to certain hell when I died that it would make sure my afterlife was certain pain. He used a specific word that I forgot but is ancient and deeply meaningful in his description of my condemnation and this was how I knew he wasnt merely a gerbil but probably God himself. Realizing that he was indeed likely God himself and that was why he was confident in condemning me to certain "________" (life in hell?) I immediately repented and started to beg the gerbil to spare my soul that I would do what was asked of me. But this wasnt a normal repentance it was pure from the depths of my soul, I never felt like this before. And having expended myself in such a pure way and cleansed myself of all evils and wrongfulness in my plea to gain Gods mercy he still wasnt merciful and spitefully sent an insult as it finally died. I knew then that it wasnt really God himself but an imposter made of evil because few men could humble themselves as I had done and purify themselves so well and thorough in such a quick time to appeal to God.

I woke up remembering both dreams but got confused and almost went back to sleep, having forgotten that I was saving my dreams, so by the time I got my wits about me first dream was forgotten except a few details.