Lady Macbeth Essay


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In the dream I had traveled to... somewhere?... It was really far that's all I know, so my relative can complete a qualifying exam.

I wasn't but I think they got our papers mixed up because now I was in for the advanced one.

When trying to explain things to the committee didn't work I found that just taking the exam was maybe the easiest route, surprised my relative with that info.

The first exam was easy though it troubled me that I wasn't ready for any of this. The Second exam was a lot harder so the examiner assured me the next one would be an easy one and I just had to get through it.

The third one was where I had the most trouble but not for the reasons I thought. See the third exam was to write an essay about lady Macbeth. I hadn't thought of the play... well ever, it's just a play and my knowledge of the character was superficial. Still I could write something.

Because this was a dream whatever I thought I was writing and what was on paper were different. I kept mis-spelling the title and writing things like (fair Macbeth) which wouldn't do as the opener for the essay and I needed a new page, again, and again, and again.

The examiner kept telling me this was an easy test yet giving me already used paper with doodles and scribbles on it. I can't submit this!?! Hell I can't seem to write the title without spelling errors as it was.

In the end I told him of for sticking to me and whispering in my ear the whole time, I'll finish the exam but on my own terms. Please go away!

NOTE:- I don't know if this is relevant but the examiner was black. I don't mean he had dark or brown skin I mean he was jet black with only the whites in his eyes for color. Even in the dream I thought he was strange but since nobody reacted to him I let it go.