Laser gun fight, box building

We're in this large area with high walls and piles of boxes. The boxes are smooth and feel coated with thin plastic. The enemy is in an identical area away from us. And so we're restacking boxes to build defenses as there is this laser gun fight. I leave my friend to go ahead and check more of the area and make sure all of the walls we build are done correctly. Thats when I hear laser guns not far so I return to find most of the individual wall defenses are almost done. I talk with my friend about what's going on as we finish our final area.

This was preceded with something related with the same characters but was quickly forgotten, an area connected to this one. I'm am reminded of games like Perfect Dark as the play area was squared and smoothed with right angles and no detail. Everything had a smooth plastic like texture and the boxes were rectangular and felt like they were stuffed with some medium weight material, being legos almost without prongs on top of them.

Although I remember the others being present at specific locations carrying out specific tasks. I cant actually remember what they looked like. Its something hard to relate in words, knowing without seeing while also being there, its as if my mind was running two cameras simultaneously but combined them in a manner that I only noticed one altogether.

Laser box dream drawing.png
I drew this map and included it in the post but it appears that someone had logged in on my account and deleted the image, so, here it is again.