Last night dream. What’s the meaning??


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Running through a ancient city chased by a hawk of some kind at every decision or intersection stood 2 of the same bird blocking the various other choices, nudging me in one direction. The birds varied at each intersection. Eventually I jumped high into the air and met the hawk face to face and then plummeted into the water where I discovered I had a hand full of what looked like seeds that I was protecting from the hawk.
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From the old Dream Moods dictionary:
To see a hawk in your dream denotes that suspicions are lurking around you and your activities.
You need to proceed with caution.
Alternatively, a hawk symbolizes insight.
Consider the phrase "hawk's eye" to mean that you need to keep a close watch on someone or some situation.
Dreaming of a dead hawk implies that you are being kept in the dark about some problem or issue.
Someone is preventing you from knowing the truth.
If you dream of killing a hawk, then it suggests that you are lacking vision in some area of your life.
Perhaps you are being too narrow-minded.


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I’m don’t believe that I have a complete understanding of this dream, but I have some ideas.

I believe that it was Edgar Cayce who said something about our dreams giving us feedback on how we are progressing spiritually.
Carl Jung said that our dreams often have images/symbols that had religious, spiritual or mystic significance for our ancestors. This is addressed in Man and His Symbols by Carl Jung,, the symbolism of our dreams is also found in various myths, religions, and such. Quotes are from
  • “… all religions employ symbolic language or images. But this conscious use of symbols is only one aspect of a psychological fact of great importance: Man also produces symbols unconsciously and spontaneously, in the form of dreams.” P21
  • “But while personal complexes never produce more than a personal bias, archetypes create myths, religions, and philosophies that influence and characterize whole nations and epochs of history.” P79
The dream begins with the dreamer running through an ancient city. The ancient, and presumably, unknow city is probably a symbol of the dreamer’s exploration of his psyche.

He is being chased by a hawk. Birds, in general, and especially hawks and other raptors ( ) often have a spiritual meaning. For examples, there is Horus, the falcon-headed god of ancient Egypt and “In Norse mythology, Veðrfölnir (Old Norse "storm pale," "wind bleached", or "wind-witherer") is a hawk sitting between the eyes of an unnamed eagle that is perched on top of the world tree Yggdrasil.”ðrfölnir_and_eagle Thus, the hawk could symbolize the 6th chakra.
Note: If we knew the name of the ancient city or its country, we would probably know the identity of the “hawk.”

The birds are encouraging the dreamer to go in a particular direction. This direction is probably, in some way, beneficial to the dreamer. His jumping into the air may be symbolic of increased spirituality.

The water, possibly the ocean or a lake, would symbolize the unconscious.
The dreamer had a handful of seeds. This is another helpful symbol. In our dreams, healthy plants, including trees, often represent the growth of the dreamer. This growth is typically psychological or spiritual, but it could be untapped skills, talents or other abilities.

All-in-all, this is a positive dream that is filled with positive images.

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