Last night's dream


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Haven't done this in a while, initially tried to go to Dream Moods but I guess that's gone now? Anyway I had this dream last night and this is what wrote down this morning.

I'm at my high-school getting ready to leave. My friend is fiddling with something and turns into a Super Saiyan from DragonBall Z and starts fighting Goku. She touches his hair and it turns a different color and he starts to go back to normal. Her brother is trying to figure something out with a teacher, digging stuff up that was thrown away.

I go outside and the sky is dark. It gets windy and about to hail. I fall to the ground but I get back up. I see my aunt in the distance with a funnel and a tube. She's helping my youngest niece with a project. As I pass them, they pour a liquid in the funnel and it fizzed everywhere. I'm in my car, but I'm sitting up higher than I should be. I'm listening to my music but it starts to repeat a word because the album ended. I turn into the school parking lot really fast and go around in a circle until I almost crash into an old green car and a white mustang. Jonathan [an old crush from school] and someone else are by the cars. They come to my window and I try to turn my music down but it's stuck. I panic and unplug my phone. Jonathan is trying to set me up with the other guy. He's talking to me about music but I dont listen because I see his eyes dilate so much that his pupil take over his eyeballs. I look back at Jonathan. I can see stubble on his face. I want so bad to just kiss him.

Next minute, I am sitting with him at a table or desk, my legs draped across one of his. He seems skinny. There's a big chunk of orange and green play dough like substance on the table that he says is medicine because he had a small heart when he was born. There's also a clipboard with some kind work papers on it and a zip bag with something like "My wish, my work, my bills" on it. I try to write asmuch as I can down on the papers so I won't forget but as soon as I write something I can barely see it. He talks about social media and how Android was harassing him about light bulbs so he quit social media. I ask about his phone number and he tells me, but I can't see what I write and he keeps changing the numbers. Finally I take his phone and message myself. On my phone he comes up as Eric. He's been wanting me to take some gum, so I take a piece of a stick and he takes the other piece.

I've looked up some stuff, like light bulbs and gum, but don't know about much else or how it all would tie together.