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I've had a really active dream life lately. I have very little recall of my dreams, just a lingering overall feeling about them after I wake up. Last night I dreamed I was in my bed (I think). I could see the sky though and it suddenly lit up with lightning - the entire sky. It was kind of spectacular. I didn't see a particular bolt, just the entire sky lighting up. I thought wow, the storms were supposed to be gone from my area (it's been stormy for a few days prior) and then thought I should call my friend. I have no idea why I'd call, but with that thought, I realized I was dreaming it and woke up. That has lingered with me this morning. I read a few interpretations about lightning they seem to focus on lightning strikes. This was more a display - like watching a distant storm. Any thoughts?


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In your dream, the lightning that fills the sky, instead of being a harbinger of storms, represents illumination and revelation in your life.

Despite recent turmoil or confusion, symbolized by the storms in your waking life, this dream indicates a moment of clarity and awe.

The fact that you recognized you were dreaming and thought to call a friend suggests that subconsciously, you're on the verge of an insight or solution you wish to share or discuss with someone close.

This realization lights up your internal sky, promising clear skies ahead and signaling you're navigating your challenges with a newfound perspective.