Living on a spaceship as a young girl.


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I had a dream last night that I was living on a spaceship as a young girl ( I am currently a full grown man who has never identified as anything else if that holds significance) my father was the captain of the ship but I didnt get to see him very often because he was really busy. We had access to all types of gadgets that's I got to play with. One day I actually ended up saving another's girls like using kind of a remote control device that shot out a grabber and used them to pull an object back to you. I had honestly just seen that something had fallen into a dangerous tube and was curious what it was. I didnt realise I was saving someone but I got praised as such as many rescuers were trying to get into the tube from another location while following the ships rescue protocol but were too big to fit into the tube to retrieve her. Rather than trying to shake off the praise for saving her accidently I just accepted it and made a mental note of how this tool could be used in this way in the future. In the next scene we landed on the planet earth for a short visit. The place we landed was outside of my real life childhood home in a newly blueberry farm. There was a narrator like some kinda... computerised teaching system giving me information about everything I saw. The area was kinda destitute and it informed me about how the planet had fallen on tough times since I left and people were generally living in poverty. Then i saw a coyote. But it looked funny and the narrator started talking about how coyotes that had bred with wolves had formed large packs and had become a deadly threat.

I was the only one looking around on the planet and was basically at the bottom of a long tube with a ladder that came out in the middle of where thrusters would normally be on a spaceship.

Large masses of the coyotes started charging the ship and my first instincts was to climb as fast as I could. But I saw some people screaming and running for the ship and I wanted to save them. I found some special door controls and tried to use them to hold the coyotes back while letting others in but I quickly realized that the controls were not meant for anything like that at all! They did nothing to impede the movement and operating them left me in danger of being devoured by the horde. I quickly started climbing and watched in terror as a young man who was trying to seek shelter in the ship got torn to pieces. So I separately started climbing for my life and while humans are notoriously better at climbing than coyotes and wolves in real life these ones were sort of evolved and were making slow but steady progress behind me. Occassionally grabbing and pulling at my clothing. The really scary thing is you could tell they were climbing up the exterior of the ship as they would occasionally stick their heads through the walls of the ship to bit at me (causing no structural damage it was more like a video game glitch. I finally made it though some kind of door. An airlock? Bulkhead? Space door? Anyways I closed it behind me but whe I looked down I saw that another girl slightly older than me had survived and was looking thought the window of the door and back down at the writhing mass of coyotes with a mix of terror and pleading. I open the door pulled her in and sealed it again. We both sat on the floor crying for a minute from the experience without saying a word. After which the ship took off. I later told a engineer/hologram engineer on the ship about my experience. He seemed worried he might lost his job and was dismayed that his holograms depicting wild life on earth didnt seem to hold up to reality. He had many colorful holograms of colorful cartoony flowers and bushes and trees and bright colorful friendly looking animals.

He said it was time for me to perform a special mission. He said I had to go down the tube to acquire supplies from one of the cargo hold and now that we were in space gravity was going to switch partway down. He was going to relay instructions to me through the comms and an engineering lady would be close behind me. It was explained that this was a sort of training mission to get me trained for space life.

So I descended headfirst down the ladder (essentially climbing it) while listening to them banter over comms. When I got to the halfway point where the gravity glitched comms started to cut out. The guy assures me that everything was going to be alright and that was just a glitch associated with that section of the ship. To calm me he started playing some old timey music which kinda sounded more natural to be cutting in an out. Fallout style stuff. Part way down the ladder turned to tether and I slide down the wire slowly in low but present gravity while listening to the songs until I landed on a hovering platform. Shortly after the female engineer and taught me how to use the little hover platform to pick up supplies. She then asked me if I had taken a moment to look under the hover platform in that kind of tone you use while trying to lead a child to a new discovery. I looked unneath and there was sort of a spartan suite of armor. But leaner not quite so bulky (think halo not ancient history) the engineer told me over the comms that my father the captain had prepared this for me. It was custom made to suit and grow with me made from the highest levels of technology achieved by man kind. He knew his position wasnt something that would allow him to be around to protect me from dangers so he got the suit for me instead. I was to be given it after I completed the trial. It was supposed to happen later in my education but after the coyote attack the engineer decided to push up the date. I started crying intensely for a different reason than the coyote attack. I felt so loved and thankful and proud.

And then I woke up.

I guess I'm wondering what this dream means. I tried to see what dreaming you are a little girl means but I didnt really find anything. Especially in the case that you are a man. And since I couldnt find that I didnt look into any of the other probley easier to find symbolism