Losing control of a vehicle


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Hey! About 4-5 years ago, until 1 year ago, I used to have dreams where i'm driving and then the brakes fail, the dream would end as the brakes failed. I probably had that dream 20 or so times during that period of time. It was different cars too that was in my family, and once a bus, cause I was a bus driver at that time. Upon researching this, it said that you're losing control of life if you have these dreams.

Recently, I've started having a similar dream situation. I'm driving fast on a country road, and a turn appears, but i'm going too fast and can't turn, and then lose control. I've had this dream 3 times so far, with slightly different settings, but the same situation throughout. Does anyone know what this means? Thank you!


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A car is a symbol of the mind, one representing an idea, rationale or philosophy being used. When the brakes fail, it implies that you have lost your ability to "stop" using the idea or rationale when it is necessary to do so. The dream repeated many times because you did not understand the message.

Driving fast implies taking an idea too far too quickly. As the road used here is a country road, one associated with nature, it can imply following a course of action that may be God's or one that simply comes naturally to you. In other words your nature may incline you follow this course of action. The problem comes when a turn appears, that is, when you need to change the direction in which your idea is going or taking you and see the course of action from a new perspective.


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I've had a few dreams in the past of being the driver of a vehicle were brakes have (or felt like) they are about to fail. Some of the dreams involved slowly coaxing the car along the side of the road (away from traffic-flow) with my hand constantly on the emergency-brake. Personally, I've never experienced brake failure.

In a couple of other dreams, I dreamt I was trying to operate a vehicle from the passenger-side of the vehicle - complete with maneuvering metal-rods to control the brake, and accelerator, and my hand on the steering-wheel.

In one dream, it seemed I was attempting to operate a vehicle from the passenger-side in a parking-lot away from traffic (No, I've never done, or considered attempting such foolishness).

I strongly feel that such dreams might be addressing control issues. In the case of attempting to operate a vehicle from the passenger side, I sense a rather unique way of addressing.............control issues.
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