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Does anyone know what this means. I just recently started having a recurring dream it's not exactly the same every time but the theme is that I'm lost in a place that I have never been and can't remember a phone number to call for anyone to come pick me up.


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Hi Skelly2, I had this type recurring dream and it wasn't very pleasant. My interpretation is that it's a worry dream connected to insecurity. I presume you were trying to get home. Home can represent a safe physical space or it can represent ourselves. This may sound obvious but perhaps you've lost yourself a little of late or find yourself in a situation that you've never been in before and are looking for external help to sort it. Perhaps you've been trying to reach out to someone but you literally can't get through to them.

I got quite panicky about not being able to get home. I was in uni at the time, I didn't drive, and buses were unpredictable so I made my husband promise that if I was stuck somewhere he would always come and get me. Think knowing that someone has your back helps.

I'm not sure if any of this help you at all.
Best wishes.