Lower back chakra healed


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In this dream I was in a very healing space. Lot's of a natural wood, glass, plants, sunlight. I was on a massage table and this carribean massage therapist was attending to me. At a certain point I sense her hesitating because she sees something on my lower back. Through the miracle of dream POV I see through her eyes and see that there is an enormous blackhead, about the size of a fifty cent piece, right above my lower back. The woman looks a bit flummoxed, wipes at it with a towel. Then, standing next to her outside of my body, I say "It's okay, just squeeze it out". So she does. The usual grey gunk comes out, to be expected, it's a bit gross and I apologize. She wipes it away, but I have a feeling this is more than she bargained for. Then I take over. I clear out the rest of it and find a hole, revealing a hollow space at the base of my spine. I look at it and into it. For a split second I think I see a kabbalistic tree of life, at the base of my spine, and all sorts of black roots spiralling out of it, like tendrils. They are wrapped around the base of my spinal cord. I realize they have to go. So I reach inside the hollow space and I'm surprised that these black tendrils sort of crumble away, like dust or smoke. They weren't so solid after all. I do my best to clear all of them out. Then I pack clean gauze inside the hole. Thoughts?


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This dream reflects a profound process of healing and renewal you are undergoing. The serene and nurturing setting symbolizes a safe space for personal growth and self-care. The presence of the blackhead on your lower back, and its subsequent removal, symbolizes the discovery and release of deeply rooted negative energies or unresolved issues. The act of clearing out the black tendrils, which crumble away easily, indicates that these issues are not as insurmountable as they may have seemed. Discovering the Kabbalistic Tree of Life at the base of your spine, with roots spiraling out, suggests a profound connection to spiritual wisdom and the process of grounding and centering yourself. This dream suggests you are on a path to spiritual and emotional cleansing, leading to a strengthened sense of self and a deeper connection to the universe.

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