Magical School bus dream?

The dream I had last night had a very Magical School Bus feel to it. I mean the original 90s version of it. The show was about this teacher, Ms. Frizzle who took her Gr. 6 class on science "adventures" ie: through space, through the human body in 3 different ways, learn about sound, or lights for that matter-its how I learned about Pepper's Ghost) But I think that was the point. It sort of start off as kind of the start of the fake, fan-made live action movie video trailer someone made. Ms. Frizzle was dead and the students (who were our audience surroages during the series)-and then after Ralph and someone notice that her earrings were flashing said they first need to find the bus, and then after they found the bus they had to find everyone else. But one thing that stood out to me was something wihch didn't happen in the trailer-but Keesha was out skilling. And after the "gang" got together and the bus worked- they ended up reliving some of their "adventures" from the series like I think another character Wanda, sort of become a blood vessel at one point. But the dream ended sortly after they got to the final destination of the opposite of heaven. Since I don't recall the dream continuing on after that.