Married Animus


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In Jungian terms, my male dream partner is the Animus, my unconscious self. I have never understood why in all my dreams of the Animus, he is always married to someone else and our being together has to always be a secret. It is always "cheating". I dreamed this morning of a James Gandolfini type man. We were together romantically but he was married. They are always married to someone else. That is my main question. At one point there is a basketball hoop game on the floor but the hoop is very low. The 'basketball' is a toy ball and deflated. According to the rules, someone left the hoop 'open' I tried to dribble but couldn't but I put the ball through the hoop anyway. I thought I was clever but it wasn't much of a victory. Nobody seemed to be playing or noticing. When we went in our cars back from the vacation site, I was concerned about not losing my purse, my i.d. and wallet. I checked and they were still there.
Why is the Animus always married to someone else? Thank you.