Me, A Floater ..

Dream From Dec 5 '19:
it is late afternoon, possibly a cloud blocking the sun.
the location is mitchell street, out the front of the old westdale house.
not sure i have stepped out of the house, to be outside, or am already outside.
so i step onto mitchell street, onto the south of it.
Eli L, from church, and possibly one other male, is with me.
not sure i do from a standing start, or take a couple of steps, but i do take off from the ground, and begin floating, in a reclined posture.
i go east, towards evans street.
eli smiles, or even laughs, as he tries to do the same.
the other guy walks on the road, below us, with us.
my ability to float, seems quite easy.
i get to evans street, and then turn right and go south along it.
eli and the other guy, seem to disappear from the dream, when i get to evans street.
as i go along evans street, a woman sees what i am doing, and is somewhat excited, or enthralled that i am capable of floating.
she briefly walks with me, for about one or two metres.
i don't know her, or see much of her.
then paul sees me.
i float close to him, as he walks with me as well.
im floating high enough off the ground, that i would have to go a little lower to be able to stand on the road.
thats something i don't do.
paul is with me for what seems to be more than a couple of minutes.
initally he touches my right hip, with his shoulder, or with his hand.
thats ok, im fine with that.
thats probably because he has not seen me float.
or he touches my leg, or my torso.
its certainly not inappropriate.
he does it again, and then possibly a third.
i ask him to stop it, and then try to keep a small gap between us so he doesn't do it again.
he does stop it, and then i have to forgive him for doing so.
and then he has his left arm, stretched out in front of him.
despite floating close to him, i want to stay away from him, so that we don't touch.
and then have to forgive him, yet again.
his facial expression is a tad serious, or that of deadpan.
i also have to "scoop" with my hands, to keep floating, and go from one side of evans to the other and back again, to stay afloat.
then paul disappears as well.
thats a relief.
then, at about where the house is, where that luke newcombe lived, i see another woman, on the road below me.
she looks like the woman from the woolies xmas add, who picks a piece of fruit from the tree.
she is also excited to see me floating.
she is keen to join me, albeit that she walks.
my floating continues for a little bit longer and then seems to end.
i don't even get close to gunnedah road.
well, i may still be floating, when i see a piece of paper, with "cells" on it, like that of an excel spreadsheet.
it must be an a4 page, with three folds in it, horizontal.
not sure the number of cells, but they are coloured, and have an alternating pattern.
there are grey cells, and yellow cells.
there are some words, and numbers in the cells, which have been typed.
and not that i require permission to float, which i don't, but the impression that i get, looking at the paper, is something to do with permission, for something.
and i do see something about L23 printed in one of the cells.
apparently i have to put my signature somewhere on the piece of paper, which i don't.
well, i don't get to do so before the dream end.

any questions or comments ?