mean girl preventing me from getting to class on time

A couple of nights ago I was having a dream It started with me being in a grocery store buying a lot of junk food (like the small 'fun pack' of cereal), but somehow I wounded up in a library. I saw several people there but one person recognized me (and I him) and he's from my program the "photography' dude. Anyway after that I was going through a copy of doors and I saw someone on a skateboard using it as a method of transporation. with their behind but I think she was having trouble with the door. When I got father away and I think at his point I was trying to get to a class at this point- there was some stampete of humans going in the direction that the skateboarder person- and when I got to the other end- the door to the stairs upstairs were locked and the only way was through a stadium's seats at the school. I think there was a basketball game going on dull to how crowded it was- but I got to the last 3 steps and there's this one woman, who was a nasty bitch who wouldn't let me pass. I don't remember who told her to sit back down but I was finally able to get to the classroom I think I was suppose to be in when I discovered, I never got a schedule when I opened my binder , and the only thing I had in my binder was words "Shopping for Ms.Dee" on some paper in the binder
aussie_musician said:
are you Ms Dee ?

Nope I am pretty sure that the "Ms dee" I had wrote about in the dream was an adult. In my dream I was a student..(I haven't been a student of any sort since 2012?)