Miles of receipt paper

It was midnight again and we were in a 1800's style pharmacy but filled with liquors and food like a convenience store. I was working with people I work with in real life. A customer wanted a price check on liquor asking if there was anything under $20 and I asked my lead because I was new and didnt know she said yes the 81 rum and the "something I forgot". The customer handed me a bottle and we went over to the register. The bottle was almost empty clear plastic with a yellow label and a red 81. I scanned it but pressed the wrong button. Suddenly the register started shooting out a line of stickers as I felt them as I tried to stop it. Then all the other computers started shooting out blank receipt paper so I step aside as my lead and my manager (of the closing shift) hurry over to try to stop the machines. The receipt paper bunches up floor to ceiling in an escher like pattern as it coils in on itself and snakes back and forth. I tear down this wall of receipt paper as the customers leave. I soon wake.
The numbers thing is rare as I dont recall actually seeing a real number before in a dream, but this red 81 was directly readable with my eyes.