Money, a 1980s store and spiders

This dream started off at night when we arrived in a huge lot with a store on it, like many Walmarts but this wasn't a Walmart. There weren't many cars. Somehow we are inside a store without memory of crossing the lot and going inside it is like the 1980s and the store front has low ceilings and rainy windows with a strange floorplan. This somehow seems like home and is derived from an old memory. We enter the larger part of the store and the ceilings are still low compared to a real store, we search the stationary and office supplies repeatedly and get tape. Then its blue outside as early morning has arrived and we are no longer in the center of a parking lot, we are on a regular two lane street. Something is happening with money and suddenly all of us get out our money and its a thick stack of cash that we each have and one of us, my sister I am guessing, gets a large bag of money out and starts pulling out stacks of cash and giving to someone not in our group. I refuse an offer of free money and once the money part ends theres a second area next to the store front area that is like a living room from a house we lived in when we were kids. I sense my stepdad there but don't see him, this was a scene from my 1980s memory. The light outside has turned from blue to white. My siblings left, going to wait in the car, while I am in the cozy living room area. There's a central area of the ceiling where some spiders hang down at nearly eye level and theres a narrator that sounds like my old stepdad telling me about how the one spider with the ultra thick web was going to kill all of a certain bug or pest, I cant remember, but the web is so thick its almost solid white and resemble saran wrap and has a verticle rectangle shape and the spider inside of it is red. Although this spider is there to kill all the pests the web splits down the middle and is pulled apart. I am then dorected outside, having to walk through the idd store front area.
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My uncle owned a store with a house in the back of it in the 1980s and I think thats where this dream was derived from. The store front area reminds me a lot of a trucker stop.

I almost didn't write this one down because it didn't seem significant enough but the dream stayed well in my memory here over 30 minutes after waking up. This dream was a long one compared to many other dreams, at least in memory, but I read that we dream in fast forward as our perception of time changes while we sleep. So, it might have seemed like a long dream but was probably very short.
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