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Here, I will post the dreams I remember. In this first post, I will make some general observations about my dreams and explain how I think I can write them down in a way that a reader gets the best idea of how I experienced it.

I will start each dream or dreamsegment with the date I woke up from it, followed by an introduction, setting the scène. Throughout the story I will make observations and remarks like [this].

Point of View

I have noticed my dreams can have several different Points of View:

- First Person View; everything is seen through "my" eyes. However, this can also occur in two different forms:
1. I am the real "me"; this I will describe as [1PV]
2. I am a fictional character; this I will describe as [Fictional 1PV]

- Third Person View; the viewer is seeing "me" from a (short) distance. Of course, this can also occur in the same two different forms as described above:
1. [3PV]
2. [Fictional 3PV]

- Fly on the Wall; there is no "me", the viewer is observing other characters from a (short) distance without taking any part or interaction with the characters. This I will describe as [FotW]


Of course, in my dreams I encounter and interact with many different characters. Some of them look, sound and identify as people I actually know in the real world [Actual]. Others may look like someone I know, but identify as someone else [Lookalike], or vice versa [Mixup]. Then there are people that do not look nor identify as someone I know [Unknown], however in my dream they may well be someone I know in that dream.
For reasons of privacy, I will never use the real names of actual people.


After each dream, I will try to explain why I think I dreamt these things.
Edit: after a few dreams I stopped doing this, because noone is commenting/discussing on my dreams anyway. So I'll just write down my dreams and if anyone is interested, feel free to comment/discuss and I can give my thoughts on "why" then.

Some things in my dreams may be embarrassing or hurtful to me or others. Still, I think telling my dreams with as much detail as I can remember is important.

If the dream or dreamsegment contains adult content (eg. Sex or Violence) I will mention this in the introduction, so those who wish to do so can skip it.

Feel free to comment and discuss, but always stay respectful!
Also keep in mind that I am Dutch, so it could happen that I cannot quite explain the dream well enough in English. Feel free to ask if something needs clarification.

Enjoy my strange dreamworld...
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April 7th, 2022

I am visiting a professional classical trombonist [Lookalike] at the Concert Hall after/during their rehearsal. We are discussing a rare vintage trombone, developed by a famous [Fictional] trombone player. The water key is of especially interesting design, however the instrument itself is rather bland, ugly even and the trombone player tells me it is not a very good instrument. I decide not to pursue the trombone any further and we say goodbye.

On my way to the train station, I run into [almost literally] several people I know from the music scene [Actual/Lookalike/Mixup] and even have to go around them as they are standing in my way. An old friend [Actual] walks with me to the station. We see a cute girl [Unknown] who is wearing what looks like a bikini on top of her regular clothing. My friend jokingly remarks "She is kinda your type" and I reply "or yours". He says "well, but I am married".

[Scene transition to FotW]
: this scene contains nudity and erratic behaviour due to possible substance abuse]

The girl we saw is an Eastern European prostitute called Stephanie aka Jennaphy [Unknown]. Her boyfriend/lover [Unknown] is going crazy and runs outside naked in the middle of the night. He falls into an ice cold lake. After he climbs out, he thrusts his hips back and forth, swinging his huge [I mean huge, like my forearm] dick and balls up and down.

[Cut to a venue, like a small Club house. 1PV/3PV alternating]

There is some kind of celebration going on and what seems to be a Goodwill auction. Suddenly the naked guy from earlier shows up.

[I "wake up"; not sure if this is real or still in my dream. I decide to go back to sleep using FILD, a technique to induce Lucid Dreaming]

When I fall asleep again, I use a reality check (biting my tongue) and discover that I am asleep, so I decide to use my "Lucid state" for some good sexy fun.

[Warning: the next scene contains disgusting sexual actions]

I am in the backyard of my mother's house, with my ex-girlfriend of 25 years ago [Actual]. I **** her ass and afterwards suck the cum from her asshole.
We notice the neighbor is spying on us through the fence. This makes my ex-girlfriend uncomfortable. I taunt the neighbor, but we decide to go inside the house.
I "wake up" in the bed of a friend [Unknown]. I am a little worried that I actually ****ed hím while dreaming, but he does not mention anything. I start to undress to go back to sleep. Suddenly, his girlfriend [Unknown] comes in, while I am half-naked. She is dressed in a short robe and says to her boyfriend that she is going to the neighbor's appartment. When she is gone, I ask my friend why she is going there. He says "to do a gangbang". I say "that sounds like fun. I have never done that". He says "yeah it is fun, you should try it sometime".

[I have no further memories...guess I woke up]

Well, that was my first dream since I decided to start a dreamjournal. Wacky!

The first part, where I discuss an old trombone, is easy to explain. Music has always been an important part of my life. I have played in several amateur orchestras since I was a child, meeting many interesting characters through the years. I just do not know why they suddenly showed up in my dream as I have not seen or thought about them in years. Some of them I did not even know that well (think friend of a friend of a friend). The trombonist I visited was a Lookalike of the trombonist from the Community Band I rehearsed with just before, so that's why he showed up. I actually do collect vintage brass instruments, just not trombones so that was strange; however I just now remember that the Community Band in fact owns a vintage trombone with an interesting water key design and a few months ago I considered buying it from them, but even though it is beautiful and of good quality I did not buy it, as a trombone does not fit in my collection.
I had looked at some instruments for my collection on eBay and other online Marketplace during the day, but decided they where either ugly or not a very good make.

Walking to the station with my old friend. I have not seen or spoken with him for years, but my brother recently tagged him on Facebook, so maybe that is why he was in my dream. He did use to tease me about girls back in the day and he indeed is married now, while I am divorced.

The prostitute...during the day I read a newsitem about a prostitute who sent a collection agency to a customer who left without paying the full amount. I also saw a filmclip on Dumpert (a Dutch site that has funny, strange, stupid clips and pictures) about a man who claimed he had just picked up a prostitute in his car and she had left her jacket in his car when she left. He was very disrespectful and threw the jacket out of his car. The jacket that "Stephanie aka Jennaphy" wore in my dream looked very similar. So I get where she came from. I don't get the crazy lover...maybe he was the man that threw the jacket from his car?

The auction is very vague, no idea what that was supposed to be. I do not remember this part very well.

Then I "woke up". As I have Sleep Apnea I indeed do tend to wake up several times during the night and it is difficult for me to know wether it is real or not.

Then the thing with my ex-girlfriend. It has been over 25 years so I do not know why it had to be her instead of one of my current crushes. However, she was the first girl I ever had sex with so she does have a special place in my mind.
The first part of our sexual encounter is certainly something I would like to do, but she never let me. The second part is just gross and most likely not something I would do in real life.
The peeping neighbor is dual; he sometimes is somewhat annoying to my mother, and being watched (not necessarily by him...) is one of my sexual fantasies.

The final part could be based on true events. Years ago, I was a member of a student Orchestra and we went to some kind of youth hostel to practice for a week or so. However, some of the beds were double beds and I had to share one with my section mate. We were good buddy's at the time, but nothing sexual.
A while later, I visited him and his girlfriend. I stayed for the night. In the morning, I got up and went to the bathroom in just my boxershorts and encountered his girlfriend in the hallway. I seem to have made quite an impression on her, as she broke up with him shortly after and stalked me for a while. So that true story has some similar events as my dream. No idea however why I dreamt it now, as that happend years ago and I have not thought about it until now, trying to explain my dream.

So that was my dream and my thoughts on why.
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The next one is quite short. I don't remember much...

April 9th, 2022


I am on tour with a Youth Orchestra. We are in Rome, in a building, possibly a (abandoned) school. Someone from the organization is showing a map of the city, explaining where we are and what the program for the next few days will be. One of my buddies does not understand the map and I explain to him where on the map we are.
We go outside to unload the bus. Those with bigger instruments had to bring them to a central depot before departure and the organization would ake sure they got on the bus. I play the tuba, but I can't find it. I go to someone from the organization and together we go to the person responsible for loading the bus. With his help, I find the case but it is too light: it is empty. I tell him. He shows me another case, but it is too small. I become furious and yell at him: " That is not a tuba, it is a Euphonium. I can't use that to play this music!" He shows me a beat up, old tuba and says "We thought this was yours so we packed it although it is broken." and shows a loose soldering joint. At this point, I become anxious. Will I ever see my own tuba again? What if they lost it?

It is time for sightseeing. I am walking with one of my buddies [Lookalike/Mixup] through an ally and half-jokingly remark "This looks like the kind of alley where you would get raped and murdered."
We encounter an informative movie-reel that shows the same ally was used in WWII by the Nazis to kill Jews. My buddy says "Well, you were not wrong with your remark". We walk back to the assembly point.
[No other memories/I wake up]

This was a short one, staying in the same scene mostly.
As I said before, music has always been a big part of my life since I was a kid. I have played in several youth orchestras when I was younger and often dream about those. The "missing my instrument" is an often recurring event in those dreams.

About the "murder alley", the only thing I can say is that WWII-history is an interest of mine. This part of the dream was probably triggered partly by the current events in Ukraine that are in the news, and partly because I had a book on WWII laying on my bed that I had to remove before I went to sleep.


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Another one where I do not remember everything...

April 10th, 2022
My kids (or at least my son [Actual] are at a big party. We are dressed nice. I am wearing black suit pants and a shirt. Howevere, there are rumours that we will go swimming at the party, but I am not sure I put on my swimming shorts underneath my suit pants. Everytime the swimming pool comes up, I get worried I didn't wear them.
Later, my son comes up to me and says he wants to go hiking with me. I tell him we are not dressed for hiking. He says "That is why I went home and changed", showing me he is now wearing his sweatpants. I am a bit disappointed and say "Why didn't you tell me, so I could have gone and changed as well? I can't go hiking in these pants."

I am following my brother and some of his friends. We are going to a party. We enter a house I do not know. I assume we are to pick up some more friends of my brother to go to the party, but it turns out this is where the party is. It is a Student-room appartement building. I know none of them. One of them is having her birthday and my brother has composed a piece (called "The Peacock") for her that we are to perform. I say I didn't bring my instrument. Someone hands me an old cornet. I say "Ok, this will probably do, but you will need to desinfect the mouthpiece. You can't just play someone else's windinstrument anymore these days." and hand them the mouthpiece. A while later they return it, still warm from boiling in water. I try out the cornet and it plays remarkably well. I check out the brand, and it is a Couesnon from 1968. I say "That is funny, I do own several vintage Couesnon cornets myself [true] and for instance my 1924 Couesnon plays just as great."
So now I do have an instrument, but still no sheetmusic. My brother has some parts on his tablet and says I can read from there, but he has to make sure all parts are accounted for and asks the other players wich part they will be playing.
[I do not remember actually playing the piece.]
[I do not remember anything else]


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Again just some fragments. They all take place at my parent's house. My father passed away a few years ago and my mother lives alone since. In the first fragment my father is still there, it seems like it takes place in the past.

There are some scale model kits I am going to build. I start building them but make a lot of noise. My parents aren't happy, because as it turns out I thought it was already daytime but it is still very early in the morning.
[I don't remember the rest of this fragment]

I am outside, in front of te house. I am an adult now. There is a black dog running down the street with someone chasing him, trying to catch up with him. The dog crosses a very busy road and we (the person chasing him and me) cringe in horror as we anticipate a horrific accident, but miraculously, the dog crosses safely. On the other side however, he runs into a kid (preteen/teen) who falls down onto the road and nearly gets run over. Luckily noone is harmed. The boy stands up and shrugs himself off.
[I don't remember the rest of this fragment]
[the following fragment could still be a continuation of the previous, but I am not sure]

I am (still?) outside and as I am walking towards the open door, I see two black cats run inside. They are not mine/ours. I run after them, trying to catch them or scare them away but they run upstairs.
I go into the kitchen and tell my wife [Actual; now ex-wife] what happened and I need a box of cat treats to lure them back down. There is one box left that still has a few treats. I say it will do and start rattling the box to lure the cats.
[I don't remember the rest of this fragment]
[the following fragment could still be a continuation of the previous, but I am not sure]
[1PV/3PV alternating]

Someone rings the doorbell. I open the door and a man dressed as a repairman barges in, saying "There is a problem with the heating, so I'll just go upstairs and check, OK?"
As he tries to go upstairs, I grab him by his sleeve and stop him, saying "We didn't report any problems, why are you here? You do not have to be here, please leave."
His demeanor changes from joyful to menacing as he says "Well, this is very unfortunate."
I realize he now wants to rob us by force since his disguise didn't work. I also realize I can't call the police because he is stading right in front of me and will grab my phones if I try. (I am holding two phones, one is from work and one is my own.) [I should not have the work phone with me at home]
As he does not know my (ex)wife is in the kitchen, I raise my voice and say "I am going to CALL THE POLICE!" (emphasizing the CALL THE POLICE part) but in [3PV] I notice she does not pick up the hint. This repeats several times, but as I grow desperate and frustrated she does not pick up the hints, I slowly walk backwards through the hallway towards the kitchen door. The man follows me inside and I manage to get him in front of the kitchen door, hoping my (ex)wife can surprise attack him. But again, she doesn't get the hint and instead of hitting him with a big frying pan or something like that, she just slams the doorpost with her bare hand to distract him.
[I don't remember what happened, I woke up]

I can't really explain these. The cat thing actually happened in real life a few months ago when I visited my mother; when I left, she walked me to my car and as I got in the car I saw a ginger cat go inside her house. She does not own a cat. It turned out to be one of the neighbor's cats.


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April 16th, 2022
[1PV/3PV alternating]

I need groceries, so I have to go to the store. I do not go by car or bike, but instead I am laying on some kind of sofa/bed and I can move/accelerate by swinging my legs. I don't care that people may think it looks weird, because it is comfortable and fast.
I go past the first store, because I know the next street has better stores. However, when I get to the next street it is blocked. I have to do some difficult manouvres to get back to the first store. There, I run into my mother. She is pleasantly surprised to see me and warns me not to try to go to the other stores, because the streets are blocked.
As it is already quite late, there isn't much left in the stores and what is left, is expensive. I can choose between two breadrolls for $1.99 or a mix of "ready to bake" breadrolls and croissants. I pick one [don't remember wich one] and go home.

Except I don't go home. I go to the house of a man I follow on Facebook, who owns a thrift store selling vintage, sometimes interesting but mostly just old, musical instruments. He is not home but, naturally, I have the key and I enter the house. I start searching the cabinets and I find an interesting looking case. Inside is a small "pocket size" cornet. It is incomplete; among other things, the bell-section is missing and just has a second mouthpiece inserted where the bell should be. It is still interesting however, because with it is an old "corneteer diploma", issued to a wartime soldier. I try to make pictures of the instrument and the maker's name [unfortunately I forgot what it was]
Suddenly, the house is being raided by WWII Nazi soldiers. I quickly lock the door downstairs and the two hatches/windows to the roof. They can't get in anymore and I am safe.
I get back to the mini-cornet. The pictures I took are unclear and only show a cat. Upon closer inspection, the cornet indeed is a small cat or kitten that was sleeping in the case. It is very cute.
I search the house a little bit more and find some other instruments I am interested in. I think by myself I can take them and tell the man later that I visited his house and took some pictures and instruments.
I start cleaning up. I put the instruments where I found them and close the cabinets. But then I remember the cat was sleeping in the case inside the cabinet, so I probably should not leave it out on it's own in the house. Luckily it is not hard to catch as it is sleeping again. I pick it up and gently put it in the case. I close the case and put it back in the cabinet where I found it.
Then I hear something outside. I look out the window; it is the man, he is coming home! I rush finishing cleaning up/putting stuff back where I found it. Not everything is correct, but it doesn't matter, I have to hurry. He must not find me here as he probably can't be reasoned with and may be a violent man as he is an ex-convict. I can't go out through the front door, so I take the instruments I want to take and leave them right there [dream logic] and rush upstairs with them and also not with them [again, dream logic, can't explain it] just in time to escape through one of the roof windows.
[I wake up]
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I don't remember the whole dream, but just this segment.

[1PV, possibly alternating 3PV]
Because of the political tensions currently developing in the world and especially Europe, the German Army instituted a mandatory military draft. [It is important to know I am not German, but Dutch] By some elaborate historical construction, the draft was mandatory for Dutch men as well. So at some point, I was in a large lecturing hall, together with hundreds of others. We were divided into smaller groups for the several physical tests.
My first test I can best describe as having to follow a choreography of ground-based exercises. I did not performance them perfectly, but I thought I was doing okay. At some point I was thinking "I wonder when they are going to do the eye tests, as I will certainly fail those because I am colorblind. Then all these exercises will be a waste of time and effort."
But then one of the observers called me over and said I was not good enough for frontline duty. As she scribbled some remarks on a small, greyish Post-It note, she added: "However, we will assign you to EDP [I think it was EDP, in any case it was an abbreviation] instead." I asked what EDP was and she said it was the Promotional Support branch, so I would be providing Security, but also Promotional/Educational tasks at public events, fairs etc. I became quite enthouiastic, it seemed like an interesting, but safe way to serve my time in the military.
She handed me the small Post-It note and told me to go back to the main lecture hall and show the note to EDP. As I went back to the Hall, I looked at the note. It was in German, but as I learnt German in High School I could understand it. It said I had a condition with my wrists, making them too loose.
As I got back in the Hall, there was already another man [Lookalike] there. He asked if I was there for EDP as well. I answered yes and wanted to show him my note, but couldn't find it. I panicked a little, because I needed to show the note to EDP when they came to get us. The other guy said not to worry, but I wanted to find the note anyway. Somewhat reluctantly, he started to help me looking for it. He found a Yellow Post-It and said "here it is." I looked at it, but it was not mine. This was about someones legs and I thought "I can't use this. What if they decide to do surgery based on this note? I don't need leg surgery!"
Then someone from EDP came. I tried to explain I lost my note.
[I don't remember what happened next, I probably woke up]


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It has been a while...did not have (m)any interesting/memorable dreams until a few days ago:

[1PV alternating 3PV]
I was with my ex-wife [Actual] and Kids [Actual, except my son was several years younger than Actual age but my daughter seemed about Actual age] and we visited a restaurant that had a (small) indoor playground. The kids went there to play and my (ex)wife and I sat at a table nearby. After a while, we noticed our son crying and I went to see what was wrong. He (or my daughter, I don't really remember) pointed at a blanket with someone moving underneath and said "that boy!" so I asked "did that boy tease or hurt you?" but my son just shook his head and kept pointing at the blanket. So I lifted the blanket to ask the boy what happened, but I saw a boy [Unknown] who was sawing his own head off with a small hacksaw. He just looked at me with a weird grin on his face and kept sawing his neck. So I took the saw away from him, picked him up and rushed to the front of the restaurant, yelling for someone to call 911. As I carried the boy, he suddenly was naked and very small like a baby, while he seemed older when I first saw him.
[I don't remember what happened next, I probably woke up]

This dream could have been triggered by watching some horror show where there is a cute baby monster that looks a bit like a baby, and one of the older monsters gets his face/head cut by a industrial/mechanic saw. Also, my kids were staying at my place for the weekend and had just been dropped off by my ex.

The first part of this dream felt very realistic, apart from my son's age being off. My ex and I often go out with the kids together.
But it started to get weird as soon as I lifted the blanket...