My ex having sex with me while people burn in front of us


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My ex told me in the morning that he had a dream with me in an empty bus having sex. We enjoyed it until a stranger came in. In that moment i got off the bus but he stayed with no problem there. In some minutes I came back to him when the bus was empty again. We continued to have sex but in front of us was another bus burning with women and babies inside. Dead people were everywhere. He felt horrible in that moment, he was so scared . In other five minutes, everyting was ok and we were still having sex. In all that time. What does it mean? Please help!

Agaric McFly

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It means that you were not his first love, neither was he yours. And you can be together, but part of us will always desire that love we longed for as teenagers. He also used to smoke MJ, that is the burning buzz. You should enhance your ability for loving relationships with transcendental experience.