My grandmother as the Devil


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Hello community! this is my first thread here. I'm passionate about psychoanalysis, mostly Freud and Jung but I don't dream much. However, from time to time I have notable dreams like the one I want to write about below (sorry for my English mistakes, not my mother tongue)

In this dream, my grandmother who died (natural causes) last year was alive. She called me from the other room and while I was about to answer she came to my room. I was shocked that she is alive, she looked just like I knew her before her death. After I went over the fact that she is alive I asked her how it went with Judgement Day and her facial expression was rather unsatisfactory like..."it didn't go too well"
Suddenly, I then realized that she is not my grandmother (my grandmother was a decent, honest, loving person) but she is the Devil. Right at that moment, my grandmother became a very sexy/hot girl. When I saw this, I still kicked her out of the house because I knew that the Devil can deceive like this. However, she came back. I then decided to take her out in the city (far away from my home) and leave her there.
We went on the top of a tall building (there was something like a restaurant there) where I told her that I will leave her there, that I know she is the Devil and he doesn't stand a chance to fool me. However, I had doubts about my decision, or let's say I felt more like I'm about to throw away a good opportunity to date this hot girl / get laid, especially since she became also very friendly and loving with me.
I was somehow attracted to her body but tat the same time I knew she is the Devil.
The dream ended.