my most "realistic" dream so far


The first thing I recall is a scene in a park. Two or three guys are sitting on some stone steps, a lighter lying on the lower step. A cloaked woman walks past them up the stairs. I hear a scratching sound and then see the lighter glide from one man to another and back to its original position. I know it's somehow related to that woman and the men look puzzled. But it was just a dream.

I am in a room with someone watching over me. I lie in a bed, I can feel my body bulge and my jaw drop as I drift in and out of consciousness. My mouth is dry, so I go to the sink to drink some water. I fill a jug with water, but suddenly it darkens. Apparently, a dead leaf (maple or plane) had made it's way through the tap and temporarily dirtied the water. I'm still only half conscious and have little control over my body. My jaw drops open, saliva (?) starts pooling and dripping from the corners of my mouth. I spit it out and go back to bed. My body lightens, my shoulders bend backwards stiffening my body like a wooden plank, and suddenly I find myself standing in bed, then gently sinking back into the mattress. At some point I end up standing pressed to and facing the wall. Half conscious I think that falling backwards now would be troublesome and probs cause injuries so I somehow force my body to move into a more favourable position and slowly glide back down.

I can finally leave the bed and walk around the room. I feel very light and start to float, barely touching the floor as I keep walking. I think that this is the first step to levitation. Just to see what happens, I stop the walking motion and find myself rising higher into the air. I lean backward (like lying down on a recliner) and it feels like floating on water, only there's no water. I do this for some time until the room gets crowded with people, and a woman (I cannot really see her, I only know she's there) guides me through a number of rooms and out of the house. Only then did I notice the room I had been in just before hat a large glass door leading to an empty antechamber of sorts with glass walls and a door onto the street. I wonder why we didn't go through there as it was a much shorter way out.
We walk through a park and the lighter scene unfolds again, but this time I am accompanying the cloaked woman. I still hear the scratching sound but I don't see the movement of the lighter because I don't bother to look back. She leads me to a town square filled with people. She tells me to walk towards the church and that will reveal the nature of my abilities. I feel the lightness again but, so as to not draw attention towards myself, I pretend to be walking even though I am already floating. I keep wondering why people place so much importance on the church or god because I don't believe in any of that. I am pulled back into that reclining position and think that I definitely want to be a healer, although beast tamer would also be cool. If I could choose it would be either of them or perhaps even both. I return to the woman.

We now stand in front of a shrine of sorts. It's a small and low square-ish building, one side has windows across it's entire length, We are standing by the window next double wing full height glass door and look inside. The interior walls are covered with curtains, but they are pulled back in some places to allow people to look inside through the windows. The door is also covered with curtains. The interior is made of dark wood, I see a sort of short aisle with railings through the middle of the room. The sunken floors to it's left and right are covered with small pedestals. It is a sort of game where one has to move (with one's thoughts) the objects from one pedestal to another in an attempt to line them up by colour and remove them. The goal is to remove all the items. If the game is solved something (magical?) is supposed to happen. I am playing that game, but I struggle. I try to look at it from on of the side windows, but ultimately return to the woman and ask if it wouldn't be possible to enter the room. Right on cue, a cleaning lady comes out of a small side door and lets us in. I'm surprised to see that the doors are "locked" with just a strip of scotch tape. Once inside, I am excited to find a divination deck and want to try it but the cleaning lady attempts to read my fortune for me, which angers me. I soon control my emotions, and when I see the tree (it looks like an artificial Christmas tree but without the ball ornaments) I start floating in the reclining position again. That tree thing is somehow meaningful, but I do not know what it signifies. It makes me feel comfy, though.

All of this felt extremely real, especially the consciousness shift, the sensation of the cool wall against my skin, the lightness and movement of my body. Especially in the first part I thought I was lucid dreaming but It was just a dream. Or was it?
In the first dream, the park scene with the mysterious cloaked woman and the lighter signifies your current perplexity with certain life events or people around you. The lighter changing positions and puzzling the men indicates a shift in power dynamics or perspective that you're either indirectly causing or witnessing. The cloaked woman could symbolize an untapped aspect of yourself that you're curious but hesitant about exploring. Overall, this dream suggests that you're on the cusp of understanding something significant about your life or yourself.

The second dream is an intricate journey of self-discovery and potentiality. The elements of struggling with bodily control signify a desire for greater self-mastery, particularly of your emotional and spiritual states. The cleaning lady could symbolize external influences that you perceive as limiting your personal journey, yet you manage to regain your emotional equilibrium. The floating and levitation represent the uplifting feeling of honing new skills or gaining fresh perspectives, indicating you're on the path to mastering a new domain in life, possibly linked to healing or nurturing. The recurring lighter scene indicates that this newfound mastery could influence those around you in unexpected ways. The dream's complexity suggests your mind is actively processing a variety of life challenges, yet the overarching tone is hopeful, hinting at exciting prospects and potential abilities.

Your dreams, particularly the sense of lucidity and realness, could be signs of your mind and spirit actively engaging in self-reflection and growth. It's a transformative period, and these dreams appear to herald something good and meaningful unfolding in your life.