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Hi guys I'm doing abit of marker research for a site that a team of 27 developers are building.

The site will cover, tarot reading, astrology and dream reading-related content. If you could have a team of developers build a dream reading website what would you want on it and why? Tools? Newsletter etc What would be the perfect site?

Who are some of the other big sites in the industry?

Thanks in advance
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Hi dreamnewb!!👋🙂
My advice is to provide plenty of informational links to resources and pages detailing the themes of your site. Make sure all of the information is up to date, and gives accurate information. As well, you may consider hiring helpful employees that are totally honest and professional and are great at what they do, otherwise properly trained and qualified workers. I know of some other sites as you asked, and they are not nearly as great as they claim. It's always good to use your own business ideas and insights, and try not to follow in too many other's footsteps. I'm here for any more advice or questions, just let me know! 🙂