My only recurring dream...


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It's worth noting up front that I haven't had this dream for a long time, but there was a period of time for maybe 3 to 5 years when I was younger that I had a variation of this dream 5, maybe 6 times.

This recurring dream is unique in that the first dream was notably different than the rest.

This dream always started off the same. I was on a beach, the location is always made-up and never mimics a real place I have been. Then, I see a massive tsunami wave coming on the horizon. In the first variation of this dream I had, I decided to grab a boogie board and paddle out to the wave in order to ride it. The wave picks me up and the last thing I remember from this first dream was being on top of the wave, looking down on the beach.

Every other variation of this dream that came after the first was different in that I was always trying to run away from the wave. There are a couple more vivid versions I can remember well: the first involves me running parallel to the beach on the sand. It was very foggy so I couldn't see far, but I could still see the massive wave coming. I find a huge wooden post with a spiral staircase around it, and I realize that there is a grid of these posts that go up into the fog. I climb the stairs and discover that they lead to a huge house on stilts. Once I get into the house I am safe from the wave.

The other version I remember well involves me running inland through small buildings, across rooftops, and under bridges in order to escape the wave. This town was very colorful and random, and it was really more just an expanse of random structures that didn't really serve any purpose. I do run inland far enough to escape the wave and I am safe.

Despite me not remembering every one of these dreams super well, I do remember that I always made it to safety. Also, these dreams were never scary, and upon waking up it was more like I had watched a video or seen a movie.


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hi for what I read maybe you would like to learn surfing but you are scared of heights if you go too far on the big wave? also afraid of the depth of the ocean or if I go to far who will see me needing help kind of feeling? also maybe the colors of the dreams is the colors you like? or the colors of sunset becomes stronger shade because of your fear when running. I am new to this forum but hope this could be helpful c:


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This is fear dream. Something about your life, maybe growing up, you do confront it, you soul was trying to tell it was not made and you could ride it out.