my prediction way back 2022 feb 20


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Feb 20, 2022

i want to share my experience this is the 1st dream before it happen in real life and i post it in my face book account so all of my friends and family will see it before it happen . i predict the child of my brother is a baby boy before they go in doctor to check the gender.
i tell them two months forward so its April on that time.

while they dont have idea of wht is the gender of the baby i tell them both that i was dream there a one person or maybe its my brother in my dreams telling to me that can i hold the child and the person going out on my place in my dream and when the person are gone the little boy suddenly speak and asking a promise that pls take care of me what ever happen you promised me.

then i REPLY and i said yah promise even you can call me dady it fine for me.... and then i wake up with smile on face and curious on tht dream where its REAL or NOT ...but i remeber my dream and decided to post on that day ... then my brother react on tht and i said your child is a baby boy he is so cute and adorable baby...thats i predict and tell them on tht time...

after we talk on messger video call two months after i dream tht april 2022.

i have a call from my brother and they are shock on tht time cause my perdiction its real ... after the gender reveal on ther side tell me tht im right its a baby boy and i said to them if my description is same its mean my predict is real .... we need to wait after your wife wil deliver in hostpital and see it in person... on tht time they believe when i tell them its a boy.. now we wait on tht time tht we need to see the appirance of the baby if it same on my prediction...

continue need to sleep..guys