My Song

My Song
I may be at a college, or just in a sort of town. I have written a song. A group gathers each week for a show of some sort, and I tell the group that we will form a little band and sing my song. We are supposed to practice, but we never do.I see my song, written with chords and words. The night of the show comes, and there are several women on the stage who are accomplished musicians. I see their books of Brahms, Beethoven, etc.Their music is beautiful. I am looking for a copy of my song, and one of these women has it. She says, “Make me another copy. This one is crumpled and I like things very neat.” I leave and walk through the (campus?) to make copies. I ponder that I might teach the song to the audience at the same time I teach it to the band. I keep trying to sing the melody in my head so I don’t forget. I am sorta scared, but not too scared.


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  • In your dream, your song symbolizes a unique and creative idea or project you've brought to life.
  • The setting of a college or town suggests a learning environment or community aspect to your journey.
  • The presence of accomplished musicians and their request for a neat copy of your song highlights the value and recognition your work receives, even amidst established greatness.
  • The fact that you consider teaching the song to the band and the audience indicates your potential to lead and inspire others.
  • Your mild fear reflects natural anxieties about sharing your creativity, but your perseverance suggests confidence in your vision.
This dream signals a journey of sharing your talents, gaining recognition, and overcoming fears to inspire and unite those around you.

You're on the verge of significantly contributing or innovating in your field or community. This could manifest as a creative project or idea that not only garners appreciation from those around you but also encourages collaboration and unity.