My weirdest dream with a rapper


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In my dream, I had sex with a rapper named Busta Rhymes. He and I were lovemaking. I had my pajamas on but his entire body was silver except his face. Busta would hold me while kissing me on my neck. When he morphed into a liquid, Busta would kiss me on my stomach. I really loved him and the sex. The dream ended when he told me that he love me, tickled and hugged me, gave me a kiss on the forehead, cheek, neck and lips when he was a watery figure of himself, and he morph into a silver liquid and left. This is what he look like

Agaric McFly

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Sounds like you met an entity. There are discussions on what they are. An atheist view is that it is compartments of our brain communicating with itself, so that we experience ourself meeting a different person, the dream state allows this split because it frees the mind to play with itself. People who are more spiritual believe it is spirits, souls who exists in an etheral plane, hanging out.

These entities are quite normal, if you search vaporvape, synthwave and outrun art, they are quite prevalent. It is also a bit like the liquid Terminator. I guess it is somekind of machine entity. However, it deals with poetry. These do exist, you can encounter them during dreams and you will notice it whenever they do appear, because they will give you a poem.

My personal opinion is that you have been visited by a black sporeprint on tin foil, who became liquid culture.