Mysterious Gnosis

Dream in Gnosis

This dream contained the answer to everything I ever found difficult, I woke up to me, my usuals,

it is thirty years ago when I was in my twenties, and I kept the state of gnosis in a fragment of time.

Then it was like it lighted out of my head and was gone,

and lamenting enough it has not returned.

But has stayed on in my remembrance of the absolute certainty of a complete different quality of a dwelling place for consciousness , something so wonderful and delightful, that it is such a treasure to never be forgotten.

I tried to hard to catch something, that is not a thing, that can never be catched, so it flied away ,or truly it was I who flied away through my obsssion to control this mysterious delight.


dear arnfinnius if you are describing what i think you are that is something never to be caught,classified or defined by anything. the only way you will possibly experience it again is by clearing your mind completely. then you attain what in is known as samadhi. in zen the term for it is satori. the ancient Greeks called it ecstasy. whatever the term for it, you must know that you have never lost it. although it may seem to have become dormant. you never lose what is truly essential your friend, J. oak357 silversword​
I think you are so right my friend and thank you so much both for friendly words to me.
It was indeed difficult to see this including consciousness departing from my day, so free of boring meanings. I do have a strong ego, and this was so far from ego things possible.