NBA Finals In Feb 2019 ..

Dream From Feb 8 '19:
seeing on the news, that game 1 of the 2019 nba finals is starting tonight (nsw time).
that can't be right, because its still the regular season.
and even then, the playoffs have to be played first.
the warriors or denver are currently first in the west (at time of dream).
and so, i wonder who will get home court advantage in the finals between east and west.
the time is the dream is evening, and i'm about to go to bed (at westdale).
and i notice that the dog, larissa is lying on the kitchen table, asleep.
i check the dog, and its eyes are open.
she is lying on her side at driveway end of table, opposite the sliding door.

any questions or comments ?

this dream could be on the now original forum, which I am not able to access.