New visit and update to an old recurring dream????


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Gonna preface this by saying I'm starting to get sick with a virus my whole family had and I haven't slept so hard in ages but I just woke up and this really threw me. This isn't a recurring dream per se but a recurring place in a dream that I've visited all my childhood and once or twice as an adult but not for years and years. The dream I had this morning was about my husband and I at an obscure family reunion with people I don't recognize at this house which I know every inch of. In my dream this is grandma's house. It's always been grandma's house. The house doesn't change. Never once. Inside or out. It looks nothing like my real grandmother's house lol. We're talking about moving and someone offers to give us grandma's house. I become very moved by the thought of living in s place with so much sentimental value because of all the time spent there growing up. It's in my old hometown about an hour from where we currently live so I know my husband and I will have to talk about it. Then I wake up. What the heck???? Most of my childhood dreams were about playing and exploring the house and grounds.... the house never changes. When my grandmother passed away in real life I did have a couple dreams about it concerning the new owners and the updates they made to the house. Those one time minor cosmetic changes were still there in my most currant dream. What's up with this? It's so real and vivid, I hurt my hand on one of the thorny plants in the garden and really felt it. Worth noting also that I almost always lucid dream so this level of immersion in a dream is weird for me.
The offer in the dream is that you inherits the position your grandmother had in life, psychological , group related etc.
It will hurt you through your acts, your wounded hand, so consider carefully..