Nightmare about myself


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In this dream I woke up in my bed. It was early morning and it was a very bleak and cold atmosphere. I got up fast and looked out of the window, what I saw kinda panicked me. Between my house and the one on the other side was water. It was flowing fast, like a flood. I knew the water was very cold and on the other side of the road was ice on the building and next to it was a wall of ice.
The sky was filled with dark clouds.
I realised that my brother might have been outside on his way to school, I ran to his to check if he's still at home but he wasn't.
Suddenly I heard something in living room. I turned around, the fear becoming worse, and asked loudly if someone was there. I got no vocal response, instead a being jumped into my view. I realised that it was me but with a very dark aura, a twisted look on it's face. It just stood there, looked at me very intensely and I knew that it wants to kill me and will kill me.

Fortunately I realised that this was a dream and forced myself to wake up.

I had two dreams in the past that could be connected.
In the first 1. I remember looking from the balcony into the backyard. Water everywhere, slowly flooding the backyard but it was only knee deep. The dream had a similar bleak atmosphere.
In the 2. I was also at home, realising that my brother was missing. I had the feeling that he was outside and I ran out of the house. But he wasn't there, everything was deserted, no sign of life anywhere, and then I knew the being held him in the house. I ran back into the house, but he wasn't there only the being. I fought it but couldn't win.
There was no water in this dream but it the same atmosphere and feeling. It was also about my brother. I'm saying being because I never got a clear look at it and it seemed blurry.

Does any of this have meaning?
The water has risen between the dreams but I realise that it's always about me, my brother and this being or in the latest dream a different version of myself.
The very positive is your awakening in consciousness bout these very disturbing situation. The water or feelings is not absorbed so it hightens it's intensity and lack warmth so it starts freesing into walls. Your brother is separated from you and you see this being with your face, as is in this separated consiousness starts in away to overtake you. The different dreams indicates a development in these matters.
To reverse this development in your life , it would be wise and efficient to accept feelings , even if it could be very cold, and see in every situation if your and your surroundings emotionally life is given acceptance and respect.
Your dream is very typical for our time and ways, eccept for your awareness and will to work with the problem.
I'll await your response before saying anything more. :)


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Accept feelings? Well I do know and accept my feelings, I just don't show/share them. Usually that's just awkward.
Besides I've always been more of a realist, sometimes even pessimist. People don't appreciate that attitude.
But I'm fine with that.
I know that I've changed, but I don't know if I have to fight that. People are what they are after all.

Is it usual for our times? I've always perceived my surroundings as different, more open and sometimes with a need to show other people what they feel at the moment. Something I became kinda annoyed with at times.
Well water in dreams are a symbolic for feelings, in this case the water isolate you in your house with a being with your face that wants you dead.
That could indicate that you have your feelings projected on your suroundings, and this makes you an island with no contact friendly, only hostile.
But it's your dream and your life , so feel free to take it as you want.
The usuality of our times is based on that we for centuries have worked in a direction of wanted feelings ( pleasures) and unwanted feelings (pains) and denied intelligence to our feelings. ...
To accept feelings is generally to allow their presence in your mind , without pushing for their change in acts or trying to catch them in thoughtforms.
Are they ?