Nightmare SCP?


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I just had this nightmare 30 min ago. Spent that time trying to calm down. This nightmare seemed incredibly short, maybe less than minute. I'll try to be as detailed as possible in hopes that someone can help analyze it. This nightmare is entirely in first person perspective.
I was at my parents house(childhood home). My phone went off and I checked the number. The caller ID read as "U P S, SCP-011032." I locked my phone to reject the call and immediately went to the front door. I opened it and there was a bench placed vertical to the door (there is usually no bench here). There was a man with a black hoodie sitting on the bench, not very threatening in demeanor. He had one of those weasel-like pointed faces that I've seen before. However, I've never seen this man before in my life. He was sitting on the bench, tapping his phone. He looked over at me and said "Turn around and say goodbye". He said this very quickly, urgently, but also with some nonchalance. Very strange. My feeling was similar to horror games when someone says "turn around" and you know something is behind you trying to scare you. Dream Me's inital reaction was to shut the door, but the door wouldn't budge, it was locked open. Then I woke up with my hand on my throat. Devils advocate: sometimes I wake up with my hand on my throat if my neck is itchy during the night or that's just where my hand ends up after tossing and turning. I will say it was strange given the context. Thanks for reading!