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I was walking on the sidewalk downtown and was going to go left between two building to walk down an alley way, maybe to take a shortcut somewhere? I had a sudden change of wanting to redirect the opposite way, but before I could, someone in the dark said I should go the other way. So I did. I crossed the street and went between buildings through to the alley. As I turned the corner, I seen a bunch of undercover cops dressed as civilians. Half guys half women. The guys started to go where I came from. As I’m walking further down the alley, it turns right. I hear gunshots after I get around the corner. Then I hear one undercover woman scream “go back, go back further into the alley!” I reach a dead end shortly after it turned earlier. I heard more women get shot. It looked like new construction in the alley, so I tried to climb up something to get to a higher level. As I climb up the second level and step away from the edge, I hear more women being shot, crying for mercy and help. I heard one reach the dead end and scream and cry. She was shot and killed and the person walked off quietly. I woke up and was confused why I had that dream. I’ve had dreams like this and I am starting to put them into my notes and voice memos as soon as I have them. Can anyone help me understand that dream? Thank you
In the dream you are walking around for no reason, walking downtown, taking shortcuts for what? following leading from "a voice in the dark" When we move around like that, we do not have any control or freedom, usually we then move on some dissatisfaction. Hidden lawenforcements is seen and becomes unlawful. Or what you see and recognice as the men of law is really criminal murderers, and your unconscious moves puts you in a dangerzone, which you are unable to cope with. You are not giving help to people who needs help, even though you are seeing their needs.
The dream gives you an opportunity to regain the movements of your life in showing up the pointlessness of that way of moves.
Remember; truth shall set you free..