No stakes chasing dream: Interpretation guidance please?


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I wasn’t sure how to title this but I was hoping for some help interpreting some things that happened in my dream last night and couldn’t find many sources for what I was specifically seeing soooo this is what happened:
TW-Gross moment towards the end
I can’t remember who I was with, but I picked up on the fact that whatever relationship I had with this person it was definitely a significant other dynamic despite the person definitely not being my irl husband. I was either in 2nd or 3rd trimester of pregnancy (should note I’ve been pregnant before) and we were having some kind of leisurely stroll when out of nowhere a bunch of the most ridiculous bunch of cartoon villains came after us in a freaking golf cart. The S/O got all worried and kept acting like we were in danger despite everything about the situation coming across in the least serious way possible. Like while some of these guys had Jojo Bizarre Adventure vibes to them (think like ridiculous but obviously super dangerous), they were chasing us… in a golf cart. On top of that while they were trying to give off a “You should be scared of us” vibe, the attempt to chase us in a golf cart made me take it less seriously. My S/O seemed seriously afraid though, and kept telling me to hide while they distract them and I ended up going along with it because being real here I’ve always had this aloof “Oh I guess this is happening now whatever” mindset when it comes to my dreams and it’s rare for me to actually be terrified or super emotionally invested in a dream. I ended up retreating into a nearby decrepit building like my S/O wanted and proceeded to realize that I had to use the bathroom (though irl I didn’t actually have to go strangely enough) and looked around until I found an old public restroom. While the place obviously wasn’t perfectly clean I just accepted that and opened a stall to find that the toilet was stuffed with feces to the point where it was piling on top but no sign of a spillage around the toilet. Grossed out and having a hard time handling the smell (while I didn’t ACTUALLY smell anything, my body reacted in the same way it used to when I actually was pregnant and a smell I couldn’t stand would cause my body to react like I was about to throw up), I went to the next stall. Encountered the same exact thing. 5 of the 6 stalls were basically the same thing with the exception of the last one, where it actually had water in it but had a suspicious black sludge resting at the bottom and the sides of it. I stood there debating for a bit what I should do, needing to use the restroom but at the same time having to keep in mind that I was pregnant and because I was pregnant my immune system isn’t working as well as it could and on top of not being able to handle the smells that I couldn’t even experience until I opened the stall doors I started asking myself if attempting to use the one toilet was worth the potential health risks and my personal discomfort. The moment I decided it wasn’t and set the intent to look somewhere else in the small building to see if there was another restroom, one of the golf cart guys was suddenly there beside me. Grabbing my wrist, he called to his cohorts that he found me and after they came in they pulled out some kind of walkie talkie looking device and claimed that “It was time to fulfill their plan of sending me to another world” and the whole thing just felt weird. This guy looked like Gossamer from Looney Toons if he was human, and some of these other guys clearly took inspiration off of ridiculously over the top designed villains and for some reason whatever “evil” they had planned just didn’t feel high stakes and if anything I just felt like these guys didn’t have anything better to do or something like that. Before they could do anything though, I woke up 😅
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