Odd dream about a boy I once liked


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In reality, I am now in my first relationship and have been dating for almost 2 years.
Before my boyfriend, I used to like another boy from a friend group (I will call him Emi). To keep it brief, Me and Emi were close, slowly I had feelings for Emi and told him how I felt, this scared him and he cut me out by ghosting and blocking me from social media. I was devastated and left the friend group because of him blocking me. As neutral as I tried to describe the fallout to my friends and family, they mostly felt Emi was responsible for playing with my emotions.
After 2 months, Emi reached out and apologised, we had closure and are still friends to this day. He is also one of the first to know I am dating and is happy for me (I did not return to the friend group because of focusing on my final project).

Recently I kept seeing Emi in my dreams, they were all fragmented
1. I returned to the friend group and we were jumping from window to window outside, Emi was about to jump, I was on the opposite building and reached out my hand to grab him
2. I introduced my boyfriend to the friend group at a restaurant, my boyfriend sat the opposite from Emi, Emi started arguing with him about who liked me more
3. Emi was in the same classroom (we weren't studying at the same university in real life)
4. I was ready to play the flute at a mall, Emi was there and told me to break a leg

This confuses me a lot, I am still in a healthy relationship with my current boyfriend, and do not see I will ever have feelings for Emi again. Although I am considering returning to the friend group. Why does my brain keep mentioning Emi recently? Is it telling me not to go back?