Odd recurring nightmares


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Didn't know where to talk about this so I figured this forum is my best shot. Ever since I can remember I keep having these nightmares that happen at least 2-3 times a month I think it might be sleep paralysis but I'm always in a very dark room and cannot see much usually an immense feeling of terror and dread covers me and I cant hear anything or move and there is a feeling that something is coming for me this last one I just had was also extremely bizarre I was sleeping on my back in a room similar to mine but the door was in a different place and there were windows to my right I felt as if something was gonna come through the windows or door and kill me i couldnt move anything or scream and for some reason whenever i pointed my hands like i was holding a rifle at the door i could hear a slight creaking noise and faint sounds of birds chirping this lasted for what felt like 5 minutes until i woke up. The nightmares always have the feeling of pure terror, dark room and my hearing goes to **** the sound is a big part put its hard to describe kind of like you are underwater with a pretty loud humming or buzzing noise, anyways for whatever reason nothing happens or no monster appears and I just wake up scared. Any ideas on what this could be or underlying causes?