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Hey all, pretty new and confused but uncertain. Wanted to post this while I still remembered it. I just woke up from a strange dream. I was with some people that in my dream were considered friends or at least acquainted. We were waiting for a show to start, for some reason I knew snakes were involved in this show. A non poisonous snake came up from the show and bit me and I pulled it off and threw it back but then I saw a very small snake show up and I immediately threw it because I knew it was bad. Well when I did it, hit a chain link fence and bounced off but then turned into a fairy. Not sure how but I knew this was a fairy and I felt drawn and curious about it, so I investigated. Upon inspection, it smiled, maybe even wickedly, before turning into blades that attached themselves to the end of my fingertips. They were invisible to everyone but me. I knew I could hurt people with them and badly but I was more curious to keep walking around what was now like a Renaissance fair.

During this encounter I ran into those initial friends but wandered off because I was entranced with playing with these blades. After awhile of wandering around, I ran into a big guy and a small guy. Apparently i had accidentally touched him and his head was slightly bleeding but the little guy looked at me with pity. Then the big guy pulled me aside and said that by accepting the gift I was going to have 3 problems and that I should let the board go, like letting them go meant the possible would not come if I stopped now. They called the fairy something like Tiny Tothins or something.

I threw the blades off me and went home. While talking to what looked like my wife, I crawled into bed, but then I saw the same initial bad snake in the bed and was trying to throw it off when I woke up. From there I just knew I wasn't going back to sleep.

Any idea about this little adventure or did I really visit a place in my dream I want meant to be?