Out of body


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Iv been having out of body experiences allot lately.

There is one that stands out which has been mithering me.

I projected out my body and was on this road. A women come up to me and asked if I was ok. I told her no I can’t find my mum. Asked if she could help me. She said ye il help.

Now this lady was Debbie Webster of coronation street.

I go from street to street walking around looking for my mum. She’s supposed to meet me where I was standing. I go into shops and I can’t find her anywhere. Debbie Webster says to me Iv found her she’s in the church.

So I get to the church and there’s loads of doors I’ve got to get through to get to her. I can see her say in the middle of the church and I get to the last door. I peer through the glass to look at her and she’s dressed all in black. She’s got her head down and she’s crying in grief. Now in waking like she has bleached blonde hair but in this obe she’s got black hair and from top to toe she in all black. I look through the glass thinking oh god something terrible has happened, she grieving and I could sense it was one of her children. My mum has 4 kids im included. But I’m not the child she’s grieving for.
So I open the final door to get to her and she disappears. I’m stood were she’s sat and I’m looking around for her worried sick.
I then find her in the corner of the church and she’s still dressed in black but laughing with these female women.
I approach her and ask her what’s she doing, she ignores my existence as if I’m not even there. So I scream at her saying fine I’m never talking to again. I walk away and it’s still as if she didn’t acknowledge me.

Now after waking up from this I rang my mum because Iv had a experience like this before years ago.
As I drifted of one night I was jolted awake as my vision opened and I saw myself sat at the bottom of some stairs and u was crying, wearing a black viel. Following it was an image of a priest I knew from my childhood. 2 days later someone I loved passed away and within a week I was attending there funeral.

I am psychic and was born open. It runs in the family also.

After the obe I had about my mum and then spoke to her that morning. My mum got a call within hours from my sister that she had not spoke to for 2 years. My sister was in hospital with a really bad headache. At first I though oh no I saw my my in black. Turned out my sister was ok and went home but she’s hiding the truth I believe. She’s still having bad headaches and reakons she can’t take the meds gp give her. I’m adamant she’s got an addiction to pain killers but I darnt confront it coz it will cause ruptions.

So last night something happened but I woke this morning unable to remember any of it.

My mum calls me early this morning asking me did I have a weird one last night as she did too. Told her I can’t remember it sorry. She then goes on to say she did her tarot’s yesterday to give herself a reading to try and pick anything up. She then says oh the death card kept popping up. Now the death card doesn’t always been death and can mean a change is about to take place, a new adventure ect. But she said this death card kept coming up.

As soon as she said this I remembered a snippet of my dream last night. I was doing a tarot spread and death card kept coming up. In the dream every time I saw it it’s as if I zoomed into it in dream state. I felt it came up multiple times.

I haven’t done tarot’s for a while so I thought that’s odd. It’s as if I dreamt what my mum was doing.

She’s convinced out sleep state is interlinked right now and both being prompted to a warning