Pacifying a venomous snake inside the base of a tower


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This dream went on nearly all night.

Setting: a tower with a group of twenty-somethings who were all trying to sleep.

Characters: Me (I'm a middle-aged man); a group of rude, giddy, pampered twenty-somethings; a venomous snake that kept changing colors and size and crackled like lightning when it coiled and uncoiled.

Plot: I drove to this tower at night looking for a place to sleep. The young people inside the tower didn't want me to stay with them and poked fun at me. As they went to bed, I saw a large snake slither into one of the girl's beds. I didn't tell her. Instead, I smirked, thinking that she deserved to be surprised by a snake in her bed. Then I left to get in my car.

I returned for some reason, maybe guilt.

When I went inside the young people were awake and the girl was nursing a wound from the snake on her arm. They were all scared of the snake. So I told them I would catch it if they let me stay. They agreed.

I pretended to sleep and the snake emerged. I lept from my bedding and the snake coiled as if to strike. He was super fast and I had no weapons. Then I saw a brain-sized white rock (I've been crystal mining in Arkansas) with crystals jutting out of it. I knocked the snake in the head with the rock as the snake came at me to strike. I stunned the snake and then started flattening parts of its body with the rock.

The snake looked at me, wounded and hurt, but not dead (I didn't want to kill it), then slithered off, defeated.

I woke up the young folk and told them what happened. They were mad at me for not killing the snake. I said, that killing the snake would be wrong. Then I woke up.

NOTE: I've been working a lot with meditation and kundalini energies, and reading the book The Yoga Sutras before I go to bed. I've also been teaching a Tarot class. This dream reminded me of the Tower card of the Major Arcana.