participating in an expedition and a remarkable situation part 2

[continued] he examined the letter,then he stood in the center of the camp,then he announced "everyone from now on must observe maximum security precautions as i expect an attack in the morning.draw" at this order everyone -that is,except myself- reached inside their carrying cases and drew out weapons of various calibers and sizes. some were streamlined others looked more like automatic weapons, still others seemed like futuristic ray guns. someone said "where is c_' i learned 2 members of the expedition had gone missing. we did not have long to wonder where they were. soon we heard the clippety-clop of approaching horses. one of the party who had been missing ran in shouting "watch out. they got c-" Dr Isiah asked him where he had been his answer: SCOUT: c- and i figured we'd do some scouting on our own then come back and tell what we'd found. we ran into one of their patrols and they spotted us. they chased us for awhile but i took cover in the underbrush. c- wasn't so lucky. they had fast horses and they ran him down[hearing the sound of horses headed toward our camp ] that's most likely them now. this turned out to be exactly right. we saw 4 horsemen approaching our camp. one of them was tied with a lariat but which glowed with a silvery-platinum radiance. sure enough it was c-. the horseman who had tied up rode right to the edge of the camp. the other two reined their horses but remained behind. the horseman rode right up to our camp HORSEMAN WITH LARIAT: which one here is Dr Isiah DR ISIAH;i am HWL:we caught this character prowling around our camp,says he's one of you DI:yes. he is one of our party. then C- spoke up C:what we did,we did on our was F- and i who decided to do it. Dr Isiah didn't know anything about it HWL:well well well,isn't he a loyal trooper.taking responsibilty for his actions. you hear that Isiah? one of your own men went off on his own. we'll just see what you think of him when you hear the new terms. 2/3 of all your weapons are handed over to us or if that's too much for you pay this sum[here he named a sum so exoribitant no one could agree to it] C: but wait when i was close to their camp i saw-UNMMMPH. what we saw next astonished even me [continued]