participation in an expedition and a remarkable situation part 3

[CONTINUED] IF i were to say it shocked me and everyone else who witnessed it to the marrow it would not be an exaggeration. with one pull of the lariat the body of C- was compressed. i mean literally compressed. like a wet dishrag wrung out of all water. i looked at Dr Isiah. he was his usual imperturbable self. the dialogue continued HWL: he was about to reveal privileged information.couldn't have that. well, what about it. you've heard the new terms DI:your leader did not mention anything of this sort in his reply HWL:that little snooping around by your loyal trooper had the effect of negating those terms DI: does your leader say so? are you authorized to alter terms on your own? HWL: just speaking for how everybody feels including me DI: well, that does not seem to leave much room for bargaining does it? HWL: darn right it doesn't . of course if you feel like dying you can always try to get through on your own DI: you seem awfully sure of yourself HWL: why shouldn't i be. we hold all the aces DI: we will see. you can report back to your leader that his communication will be answered in the morning the horseman smiled,saluted(satirically,i thought) and rode of ,leading C- in his compressed form Dr Isiah turned to me and said "you had better be prepared. they intend to attack by morning." i knew when Dr Isiah said something he knew what he was talking about. he never made reckless statements or said anything so definite unless he knew it for a fact. he told everyone to remain on full alert then said to me "they intend to annihilate us. you had better have a weapon" much as i did not want to be a part of combat i realized the truth of what he said. so i asked him to select one for me. already i was tensing myself for combat [continued]