Paying Royalties To Hanson ..

Dream From July 10 '19:
it is night time.
there could be some street lights on.
the location is either suburban, or its partly suburban, near a business area.
it could be like that of cleary street or lindsay street, which are side streets of beaumont street, in hamilton.
i'm walking on a footpath, on the south side this side street, and going west, away from what would be beaumont street.
i stop at metal fence, which is short.
the pattern of the fence is that of those small squares.
the metal itself is thin, but strong.
looking south, i can see the backyard of a brickhouse.
the front of the house, faces beaumont, so i'm see the left side of the house.
the three guys from hanson are playing music on the back verandah, which is at ground level.
there is a carport/garage to my right, at the rear of the yard.
i get some gold coin out of my right shorts pocket to give to them.
the two older hanson guys come to the fence.
the coin is some change, from money that dad has given me, for me to buy something.
the two older hanson's and i chat for about one minute.
the first son is a bit older than me.
the second born is my age but a few months younger.
the younger son, is still playing his drums while i chat to his brothers.
i tell them that the coins ($3?) are royalties for their first album, being middle of nowhere.
they thank me for the money.
i am a little amused by this but anyway.
they begin to step away from the fence, when the dream ends.

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