Pills for clouds


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Last night I had a dream where I woke up in my room at 2:22 am, I am not sure why that time specifically though.
Getting out of bed and going out the door that usually leads into the hallway of my house, I was suddenly in a field. A vast, seemingly endless plain with a few hills here and there. It was sunrise (or sunset? Dunno). The sky was a bright grey, and it looked like it was fading into black by the horizon. It was mildly windy, enough for the grass in the field to wave. It was high enough to just cover my feet.

The main thing about the dream is that the clouds were pills, or they might not've been but the point is there were pills in the sky. They were capsules, all of different colours; some were red and white, others were blue and dark blue, and there were a lot. They were huge, a lot bigger than me. Eventually, after I walked forward for a while, a mirror appeared before me. I saw myself in the mirror but it also wasn't me. My hair was a lot longer, I looked slightly taller than I currently am (6'2) and my face had a huge gaping hole in it. It wasn't bloody or gorey, it was just a hollow void in my face, kind of like a black hole I suppose. I didn't even have a face, my face was that hollow void

After staring into the mirror for a while, I looked back up at the sky and the pills, and then suddenly woke up. My first thought upon processing my dream was thinking that the person in the mirror was myself in the future. Maybe I do end up growing my hair a lot longer, maybe I do grow a bit taller, but I don't get the hole in my face. Does it have something to do with the pills? The only pills I take are anti-depressants but they're not capsules like the ones in my dream, they're just small, round tablets. It bothers me a bit because I don't know why I could have a hole in my face (or no face at all) in a dream about pills I don't even take. Could it be something related to my conditions/disorders? Maybe I'm stressed about something. I dunno
Do you feel that there is, "something missing?" Our face is the way we face the world. Is that hard for you? Is there something missing that you feel you need?
You might want to enter active imagination and talk to the pills. For example, "Why are you here? What do you have to tell me?" Or another dream may make this clearer.
Hair may represent our thoughts. Longer hair might be growing in wisdom.
You seem to have a sunset in your dream as it is bright gray and then grows darker. Perhaps something is dying or passing away for you. Not necessarily a bad thing.


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In your dream, waking up at 2:22 am symbolizes a moment of alignment and balance in your life, even if it feels elusive.

Stepping into a vast field at the edge of the day signifies a transition phase, where the presence of giant pill-shaped clouds suggests an overwhelming influence of healing or medication in your life, possibly reflecting your current engagement with antidepressants.

The mirror showcasing a future version of yourself, taller and with longer hair, implies growth and transformation.

However, the void where your face should be indicates a fear of losing your identity or being consumed by an unseen force, perhaps your conditions or stress.

This dream reflects your subconscious working through personal growth, healing, and searching for your identity amidst challenges. It's a call to confront what you feel is missing, symbolized by the hollow face, and to embrace the changes (growth in hair and height) as part of your journey toward understanding and acceptance.

The transformation and growth you see in the mirror, with longer hair and increased height, foreshadow personal achievements or milestones you're about to reach.

You're on the verge of overcoming a challenge or making a significant breakthrough related to your personal or professional life. This could manifest as successfully navigating a situation that has been a source of stress or concern, leading to newfound confidence and self-expression.

Keep an eye out for opportunities to assert your identity and wisdom, possibly through creative outlets or conversations that allow you to articulate your thoughts and feelings more clearly.