Please help, I had the worst dream of my life


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I woke up in my dream, my parents returned from the funeral of my lover. It was a ceremony by the beach. She wasn't dead first.
Doctors found something in her blood so she decided to die at the ceremony. I asked my parents if they saw her being buried and they said they left before the ceremony ended so they didn't really know. I called her and the number didn't exist.
Her profile on social media was deleted I couldn't reach her anywhere. I text her best friend begging her to tell me none of this really happened. I started to run with my parents to catch the ceremony so I would stop it. As I was running there was this big mirror in the sky pointed at sun. My parents told me that my lover was starting at it at the ceremony. That told me not to look at it as strange things happen if you do.
I still by accident took a peek at it and I eat one woman in the illusion. My mother did to. I stopped running and run back to the house to check my phone as I forgot it there in my rush. I checked for message of my lovers best friend hoping she will tell me everything is OK. She texted me the ceremony was finished and asked me if I want to go the next day with her at my lovers grave. In my dreams I thought maybe everything is made up as April's fool is near and they all want to mess with me. I woke up crying as never before. My heart was reaching 190bpm.
Please can someone help me with this?
In real life we have some issues but we love each other very deeply. Should I be scared?
Thank you.


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aussie_musician said:
are you ... a lesbian ?
are you ... 14?
she clearly had a traumatic dream and was willing to share it and you respond with something so childish?
next time maybe don't.


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I am guessing she is actually fine. I don't think dreams are very often premonitory like you seem to be worried about. Others may have more to say about that. I have had similar dreams where I was extremely relieved on waking to realize it was just a dream. Specifically, I remember a dream in which I had committed a murder. I didn't dream the actual murder, just that I *had already* killed someone, and I was filled with guilt and paranoia, trying to evade law enforcement, but the whole time knowing I would eventually be caught. I don't think I've ever been more relieved in my life than when I woke up and realized it wasn't real. I think it's entirely possible that your dream doesn't mean anything, other than perhaps you are worried about losing her.