Please help me interpret my dream.


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I had a very beautiful dream a day back. As soon as I woke up, I wrote in my list to not forget any details. I will be sharing with you here below. But what's my biggest concern is that night I was so worried and felt pathetic about my life and unsure how my life ahead is and had no clue where I would be working. But this dream came out of blue. No lust and stuffs. It gave me a happiest feel ever. I'm a not married, a Master's student, will be working anytime next year end. Can someone please interpret this for me?

"It was the wedding night, all exciting and asounding atmosphere. Everyone one their way to a long tiring day. I was in my room after a shower. Waiting for the bride. My parents on the other room bid me good night as I waited for her to enter.

I heard her voice far away. She was getting down the stairs. Her mother guiding her way through. Handing her a glass of milk. She was anxious, emotions running high.
Flaring hair, with a white tone of skin. On a lighter shade of blue saree. She marched down. Her anklets personified her inner joy just like the way I feel.

Everyone left, there she came near to the bedroom door. Brimming with a Smile on her face, a little shy on her cheeks blushed seeing me. She came straight placing the glass on the table. I asked to shutter the door for me. With a smile she turned towards the door and her bangle sliding down her hands so does her feelings, lland there she locked the doors. We were in our traditional clothes. I took the glass of milk in hand. Before drinking it. I asked her if she had her dinner. She complied with a yes.

I strated drinking the milk and in the middle I asked her if she wants to have some? She mentioned he had right before coming to the room with her friends. I continued to ask her have some, for which she readily accepted. We had the ritual over. We both sat on the bed at the edges with our heart beating high.

We were having our conversations, I didn't want to make any move for the night. I asked her if we could rest down?
She said yes.

We lied on the bed, with the beautiful feeling after so many years of being lonely. The light wasn't turned off. I was wondering if things aren't over for tonight yet?

We were silent, she had her body turned the other side. I asked if she's asleep?

She said No.

I asked her if It disappointed her by any means on this special night?

She sarcastically said no. Exclaiming we had many more nights ahead. And she doesn't mind resting for the night. I was happy about her resilience and maturity. I was so happy just by her presence on my side.

I asked her to switch in the bed lamp and turn off the lights. She did. My heart was emotionally filled and happy. We slept with no much actions.

It was the morning, I was in my blanket. I was about to text her a Good morning with the message app. But didn't want to disturb her. But within seconds I received a Good morning message from her. I woke up and saw just her phone lying there with a GM message on internet using app. She wasn't on the bed .

It was very early in the morning, not even the sun has risen. She came in the room holding a cup of coffee. Never in my life I ever had a bed coffee. God this feels awesome. Her hair wrapped in towel after shower, she smiled before asking me to have the coffee.

I said I will with a smile as I went to brush my teeth. I sipped in the delicious coffee. I complimented her for the coffee as I know the feeling was so divine. A day passed visiting the temple and places.

It was our second night, She was next to me on the bed. A slim, average in height women beautifully looking wife. We both we're expecting to make a move today.

We both were silent just like the previous night. She was laying facing new. With one of her hands between the pillow and hand. The other kept on her left thighs.
The sweet relishing face of her, as the Air passed by her face. The eyebrows rattled to air and the silence just made astonish her beauty. I was admiring her face. As I slowly crawled my right hand to place it on her hand. She startled but understanding the touch. She slowly opened her eyes. Watching me gleaming with a hidden smile and blush all over her face.

I took her hand placing it on the bed right between our faces. I could relish the beautiful moment with our heart pumping high. She kept staring at the hands. I took that hand placed on my face by the side. I closed my eyes as I slept for few minutes.

I opened my eyes to see her happily staring my face. I asked her if we could love eachother first? She happily smiled. I said those words.

"I LOVE YOU" as I closed my eyes. She came close by caressing my hair she replied with a Love you in back. The gap shrunk. We were close by to eachother as we slept for that night( no sexual intimacy"."

It was a fantastic dream with a women who's less in height to me and much slim and average in body. Fair and white. With a beautiful face and smile. Having a matured, understanding character with much respect and love towards me. Wow. To have such a life is literally a dream Actually. I'm in love with the women I saw in dream. So "Divine"

Another important thing is her Mother or we could say my "mother in law". My wife was listening to her words, following her mom's advise and words. It was like a movie, the one scene I was in the room. The other scene of the dream I saw was my wife walking down the stairs holding the glass and her mother patiently advising her something as she came to my dream. So basically it was only three of us I could actually see in the dream.